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GUYANA – Latest News – 18 August 2015 – Demerara Waves

 GUYANA – Latest News – 18 August 2015 – Demerara Waves

Veteran broadcaster Rafiq Khan passes away – updated

Veteran broadcaster Rafiq Khan passes away

Rafiq Khan

Rafiq Khan

Guyanese broadcaster Rafiq Khan passed away in Kingston, Jamaica on October 10. He was 82.

Khan was highly regarded in the field of broadcasting and played a significant role in what was considered a golden period of radio in Guyana. He was a former Programme Director of Radio Demerara (1956) which was later merged into the state broadcaster.

Later, he became Management Consultant to the Rediffusion Group of Broadcasting Systems in the Caribbean. After resigning from the Company in 1978, he served regional communication organizations in various positions.  Continue reading

Tribute to Terence Holder – by Rafiq Khan

Tribute to Terence Holder – by Rafiq Khan

By: Rafiq Khan – 15 January, 2014

Rafiq Khan

For those of us of a certain age, memories are our only happiness. I would like to share with you some unforgettable memories and reflections about my friend, Terry Holder – not all of them happy.

My most recent happy memory was one of Terry just a few days before Christmas, when he up-ended the purpose of my visiting him by cheering

Terry Holder

Terry Holder

me up instead of my cheering him up.

There was I, on my arrival in the country, full of anxiety for Terry’s welfare, being whisked to his home by our mutual friend Vic Insanally. Unknown to me, Terry had just moved into the very street where my Guyana home is located.

Anticipating a one-on-one visit, I did not know I would be joining a  select group who had fore-gathered at Terry’s request, so that he could be with them for what, it is now sadly clear, he foresaw would be the last time.   Continue reading

Veteran broadcaster and administrator, Terry Holder, dies

Veteran broadcaster and administrator, Terry Holder, dies

Note: A TRIBUTE TO VETERAN CARIBBEAN BROADCASTER, TERRY HOLDER will be broadcast on Caribbean Forum (9-11 a.m. ET) – Saturday January 11th.(read more at the end of this news item)…
Terry Holder

Terry Holder

 Condolences are pouring in for Terence (Terry) Holder, former Deputy Manager of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) and a well-known personality in the sports fraternity, who passed away at his Bel Air Park home yesterday (January 8), after a period of illness.

A sports enthusiast, known also for setting high standards in the local broadcasting field, the 73-year-old father of four was recognized for his public relations skills and easy-going attitude which landed him many a prominent part in social and business organizations.  Continue reading

A Tribute to Hugh Cholmondeley – By Sir Ronald Sanders

A Tribute to Hugh Cholmondeley

By Sir Ronald Sanders

Hugh Cholmondeley

To say that Hugh Neville John Cholmondeley was a golden voice of broadcasting in Guyana in the 1960’s and early 1970’s is to speak a truth but not to tell the whole story.  While he had a voice that commanded attention, it was his recognition that broadcasting had a key role to play in enlightening society that distinguished him.

In 1968, he became the first general manager of the Guyana Broadcasting Service (GBS).  In that role, he set about two important and standard setting tasks.  The first was to establish a team of outstanding broadcasters in Guyana who would extend the boundaries of radio beyond a purveyor of entertainment into the realm of debate on national issues; of investigative broadcast journalism; of reflecting the society through documentaries; and “live” coverage of national events when and as they happened.  His early radio documentary series ” was path breaking.  Continue reading