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USA: Biden Could Still Be Proved Right in Afghanistan – OPINION

Aug. 16, 2021 – New York Times – By Thomas L. Friedman is the foreign affairs Op-Ed columnist

Kiana Hayeri for The New York Times

For years, U.S. officials used a shorthand phrase to describe America’s mission in Afghanistan. It always bothered me: We are there to train the Afghan Army to fight for its own government.

That turned out to be shorthand for everything that was wrong with our mission — the idea that Afghans didn’t know how to fight and that just one more course in counterinsurgency would do the trick. Really?

Thinking you need to train Afghans how to fight is like thinking you need to train Pacific Islanders how to fish. Afghan men know how to fight. They’ve been fighting one another, the British, the Soviets or the Americans for a long, long time.      Continue reading

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