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GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 22 October 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 22 October 2015

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Latest News Headlines – Kaieteur News – 22 October 2015

GUYANA – Latest News – 30 September 2015

GUYANA – Latest News – 30 September 2015 – Kaieteur News

More companies eye Guyana’s oil sector

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 | – Locals warned about Dutch disease  —-By Abena Rockcliffe —- While Guyana is attracting much attention from regional oil companies, and “excitement” is being generated, local manufactures have been warned to be on the lookout for a break out of the Dutch disease. The Dutch disease is the negative impact on an economy of anything that […]

 Canada to provide machines for electronic counting of votes at LGE

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 | Canada has expressed its willingness to support the Government of Guyana with theholding of Local Government Elections (LGEs) as well as the setting up of the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). Also, the country is willing to assist with the training and development of local Public Servants. This commitment was made by Canadian High Commissioner […]   Continue reading

GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 14 August 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 14 August 2015

  • Dynamic Airways has been forced into bankruptcy proceedings in NY
  • Marginal reduction in gun crimes
  • Bharrat Dindyal is off the job at GPL
  • Sugar industry is too big to fail
  • Female: PM’s bodyguard – Up close and professional
  • Union busting: 17 workers sacked
  • Sports

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GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 16 June 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 16 June 2015

  • Ramjattan concerned about Police links to extra-judicial killings
  • Ramotar shifts blame for running down sugar industry
  • Sugar workers seek credit union funds from GAWU
  • Guyanese footballer nabbed with cocaine in the US
  • Hope Canal begins flushing excess water from Conservancy
  • Guyanese pilot retires from LIAT
  • Charitable organization seeks to help poor
  • Sports

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Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 01 June 2015

Capitol TV logoGuyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 01 June 2015

  • New Gov’t looks to develop efficient drainage system
  • Rohee does not agree Jagdeo should be put in the PPP backseat
  • Calm returns to sugar industry
  • Surprise protester irks PPP leaders
  • Cane Grove man shot dead in minibus
  • Sports

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GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 29 MAY 2015 – Demerara Waves

Demerara WavesGUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 29 MAY 2015

Demerara Waves

GuySuCo’s $16B bailout request fast-tracks need for inquiry into sugar industry – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1JdgUC4

Stabroek Market, Sophia, South Georgetown joins cleaning frenzy – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1QfSZ5q

 Gun license, work permit issuances among areas to be investigated-Home Affairs Minister – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/1GK5Zjb

Trotman responsible for Natural Resources, to meet various agencies soon – Demerara Waves  http://bit.ly/1G8vgop   Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 01 April 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 01 April 2015

  • Post office robbed $90M; gang holds Police escort at gunpoint
  • Rights groups demand more measures to protect women
  • Debate between Ramotar, Granger almost certain
  • GT&T says rolling out “blazing fast internet speeds
  • Opposition coalition says will secure sugar industry
  • Another Look at Courts
  • Sports

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Post office robbed $90M; gang holds Police escort at gunpoint

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 02:09 PM PDT                 Continue reading

Guyana reduces growth forecasts for 2013 – sugar slides

Gov’t tempers growth projection after 32.5% sugar slide

Stabroek News –  August 31, 2013

Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh yesterday reported that the economy grew by 3.9 percent in the first half of 2013 but with sugar contracting by 32.5 percent, the projected growth for the entire year has been revised downward from 5.3

Speaking at a press conference held at 9 last night, the minister said that sugar’s dismal performance has been responsible for the more modest growth in the economy. He said, however, that sugar notwithstanding the economy remained robust because of its diversified nature. percent to 4.8 percent.

The minister said that the non-sugar economy grew by 6 percent for the first half of the year. It is projected that the non-sugar economy will grow by 5.8 percent for the year 2013, he added. Singh announced that sugar production for the first half of the year was 48,038 tonnes, a contraction of 32.5 percent.       Continue reading

The real problem of GuySuCo – Tony Vieira letter

The real problem of GuySuCo is that management and the board  don’t know where to start to identify the problems or what they have to do to rectify them – Tony Vieira Letter

Dear Editor, —     Stabroek News: June 19, 2013 · · COMMENTS   

My father Mr. Joseph Vieira had 4 British patents when he was 34 years old; they were all for the design of implements for our sugar industry, specifically for tools to do land preparation in our cane fields. For this achievement he was asked to join the Board of Directors of Bookers in 1952 as the Director of Mechanical Coordination, a position he held until 1992, when he was removed since he was not a PPP supporter. Even then at age 74 he was still inventing new ways to prepare the sugar-cane fields using big articulated John Deer tractors with 8 wheels rather than the more costly and slower caterpillar tractors.

My father retired from Houston Estate in 1978 at age 60; he said that he was going to enjoy his retirement and relax. At the time Houston, a sugar estate of around 1600 planted acres, was producing around 4500-4800 tons of sugar a year, 1e  a yield of around 3 tons sugar per acre. Even though small it was producing nearly 25-30 per cent of LBI’s sugar, even though it was much bigger.   Continue reading

The PPP and Challenges Ahead – by Ralph Ramkarran

The PPP and Challenges Ahead

Written by Demerara Waves – Sunday, 02 December 2012 16:09

by Ralph Ramkarran, former PPP Executive Committee member.

The Election Results and its Aftermath.


Ralph Ramkarran

Four successive election victories of the Peoples Progressive Party (the Party) in 1992, 1997, 2001 and 2006 were followed by the failure to obtain an absolute majority in 2011. It was unexpected and a shock and disappointment.

Under the Constitution the Party was entitled to the Presidency and the President could appoint Ministers from among members of the National Assembly, except for technocrats. The President opted for Ministers from only the PPP, leading to a minority, rather than a coalition, majority supported government.  Continue reading

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