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GUYANA: Morning ride and black coffee – Short Story by Geoff Burrowes


Fo’ day mornin’ is when life starts on a ranch. By the time this story starts we had milked the cows, had breakfast,  saddled up and ridden out into the savannah.  We were some distance from the ranch (Dadanawa Ranch, Rupununi), the Takatu mountains were grey-blue on the horizon and  and  directly in front of us was a hollow choked with bush out of which we were going to round up cattle who had managed to avoid previous roundups.

In my innocence I didn’t realize that this made the cattle different from those I had worked with before. My first realization was when the cow I had startled didn’t run at the sight of this terrifying vacquero (cowboy) but pawed the ground and lowered its head and eyed me and my valiant steed threatingly, head lowered its head swung its wide sweep of horns from side to side.      Continue reading

Stan Brock, Amazon bush pilot – By Hugh Yearwood

Stan Brock, Amazon bush pilot – My candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

By Hugh Yearwood

Hugh Yearwood

Hugh Yearwood

I treat my own bouts of hiraeth by writing about my experiences as a child growing up in Guyana. I was fortunate to travel and work in the interior and luckily kept an irregular journal during the years 1980-1981. I left Ebini Ranch in 1983 to study veterinary medicine in Poland where I have remained since. Here is my second story.

This story is based on an entry I made in a journal in 1978.

Stan Brock was my number one hero when I was a teenager and I’m sorry I never met him. When I first heard of him British Guiana was now Guyana and he was the long gone ex-manager of one of the most remote and largest cattle ranches in the world; Dadanawa Ranch. During his time as a cowboy there 4,000 of British Guiana’s 83,000 sq. miles belonged to Dadanawa. Lethem was just an out station. The ranch is bordered to the South and East by the mostly unexplored Amazon jungle and to the West by the Guyana, Brazilian border.

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