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POLITICS: Former President Granger sues Nascimento and newspapers for $2.6b over letters

-says has suffered `financial injury, constant distress, humiliation’

Former Pres. David Granger

Former President David Granger has filed a $2.6 billion lawsuit against dailies—Stabroek News, Kaieteur News and Guyana Times, which he says have all besmirched his character through letters published by communications specialist Christopher ‘Kit’ Nascimento.

In his action Granger said that Nascimento, accuses him of attempting to defy the will of the people in the March 2nd, 2020 Elections.          Continue reading

Guyana: Raising of the Golden Arrowhead, February 23, 2016 – 2 videos

Guyana: Raising of the Golden Arrowhead, February 23, 2016

Guyana”s Media: A dream of censorship – commentary

A dream of censorship

OCTOBER 20, 2013 · Stabroek News · COMMENTS

On Monday, October 7, Mr Clement Rohee, in his capacity as General Secretary of the PPP informed the media corps dutifully assembled in Freedom House, that his party wanted to regulate the local press. The PPP was of the “firm view,” he told them in all seriousness, that a “special body” should be established “to oversee the operations of the media and to defend the public against malpractice in the media.”  Well in case for one heady moment anyone thought he was talking about the Guyana Chronicle, he was not; it is the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News, it appears, from which the public is in such dire need of protection.

In his best apparatchik style General Secretary Rohee complained: “The party has observed that in the case of Stabroek News, while it religiously attends PPP press conferences and receives PPP press statements, nothing is carried in its columns”; in contrast, he continued, “prominence” is given to almost everything opposition politicians say which is “uncomplimentary of the government and the party.” And there was more to come. “Our position that the opposition media is anti-government and anti-PPP,” he told his audience with solemn mien, “is buttressed by the information we received from friends and supporters of the party that their letters and information are not carried and/or [are] butchered and buried.”     Continue reading

Guyanese Online Blog and Newsletter – featured in Stabroek News

The Guyanese Online Blog and Newsletter

 By Stabroek staff On January 7, 2013- In In The Diaspora | 

By Cyril Bryan

A graduate of Central High School and Pupil Teacher at Lusignan School from 1955-1960, Cyril Bryan migrated to Canada in 1966, where he attended York University to study Economics. He is currently a management consultant focused on computer technologies.

20130107diasporaIn last week’s “In the Diaspora” tribute to Randall Mohan Butisingh, who passed away in Florida just a week after he celebrated his 100th birthday with loved ones, I was quoted as saying: “When Randall Mohan Butisingh stopped blogging he suggested that I begin my own blog.  I decided to start the Guyanese Online Blog and newsletter in March 2010. It may not be in existence today had I not first had the experience of helping Mr. Butisingh with his blog.  He inspired me to do Guyanese Online without the thought of compensation for my work. He said, if it serves a purpose then it would be successful.”   Continue reading

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

The GINA and NCN subventions – commentary

 Stabroek News – April 30, 2012  EditorialComments

Where theatrics and histrionics are concerned, the government has outdone itself on the opposition budget cuts that have reduced subventions to the Government Information Agency (GINA) and NCN to a dollar. Of course, the cuts relate to real people with real lives and there must be commiserations for the dislocations that may be caused to these workers. However, the jobs of these persons employed by GINA, in particular, are well within the resourcefulness of the government to preserve and not one of them needs to be sent home. Unfortunately, by parading them on the picket line the government is continuing to exploit the workers in the same manner it did in the last two administrations and which has now resulted in the opposition-led budget cuts. Continue reading