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St. Joseph’s Alumni Association Toronto – Bus trip to Fallsview Casino. Niagara – November 02. 2019

Toronto-based Alumni Associations – Membership and Alumni Participation

                                                     PRESS RELEASE

Toronto-based Alumni Associations of Guyana join forces to promote Membership and Alumni Participation

Encouraged by the success of their annual Last Lap Lime event, a collaborative effort over the last 17 years, the alumni associations of Bishops’ High School, St.Joseph’s High School, St.Rose’s High School, St. Stanislaus College and Queen’s College (Guyanese secondary institutions) are partnering once more to collectively address the common challenge of membership growth and increased involvement by alumni. The Associations have embarked on several joint strategies to meet this challenge.

 New members to the Associations will become part of the networks of friendship and personal support and join the efforts of fellow alumni in “giving back” to their alma maters, helping to make a difference in the lives of the children of Guyana.  Alumni newcomers to Canada will further benefit from interacting with professional alumni who can offer advice on settlement, the job market, employment and networking opportunities.           Continue reading

Alunmi Associations Dance – September 3 – Brooklyn. NY

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