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Settlement Patterns of Guyanese Immigrants in New York: A Perspective – By Lear Matthews

Settlement Patterns of Guyanese Immigrants in New York: A Perspective

By Lear Matthews

New York City Boroughs Map

New York City Boroughs Map

Reaction to the recent announcement by the president of the United States on the status of millions of immigrants is quite revealing.  What has been a topic of some national importance has become a highly charged, simmering social issue churned by politics, economics and sentiments relating to ethnocentric ideals. The outcome of the Executive Action will affect some Caribbean immigrants among others, but a few who are eligible, may be understandably hesitant to take advantage of correcting their undocumented status.

This article does not address the ramifications of the president’s administrative relief. However, because the topic of immigration is on the front burner, this is an opportune time to share an important dimension of Guyanese immigrants’ experience, i.e. their settlement patterns in New York, particularly since they comprise the 5th largest immigrant group in New York City (Jamaicans being the 4th largest).  Continue reading

Ed Ahmad’s Trial postponed to November 2012

Will Ed Ahmad’s Case Ever Get To Trial?

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 25, 2012:

Edul “Ed” Ahmad

First May now November. That’s the new possible date set for the trial of Guyanese entrepreneur and real estate mogul, Edul ‘Ed’ Ahmad.

Ahmad, 44, was set to face a trial on May 21 for participating in a mortgage fraud scheme in which he and others fraudulently obtained more than $50 million in loans. Now it looks like he may have to wait until after Nov. 5th.

The self-made real estate magnate, who drove a yellow Lamborghini, hosted many events at his banquet hall and advertised prominently in Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park is charged with charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud and 10 counts of bank fraud.  Continue reading

New York Politics – Guyanese Americans rally in Queens

Guyanese Americans rally to keep Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park together

February 12, 2012 | By KNews |

 A strong and unified coalition of Guyanese Americans took the Queens Borough

District Leader Albert Baldeo advocating on the steps of Queens Borough Hall for Richmond Hill and S. Ozone Park to be kept together, and not gerrymandered, so that common solutions to common problems can be found.

Hall by storm last Tuesday, and demanded that the Legislative Task Force for Demographic Research and Reapportionment (LATFOR), rectify their proposed Richmond Hill legislative district before submitting it for approval to the State Legislature. The coalition of community leaders, religious organizations, business owners, professionals and residents, staged rallies on Liberty Avenue, before boarding a large bus and dominating a packed public hearing at Queens Borough Hall.

District Leader and Community Advocate Albert Baldeo, and Vishnu Mahadeo, the President of the Richmond Hill Economic Development Council rallied the troops together, backed by comprehensive data highlighting the fact that Richmond Hill is really “Little Guyana” in terms of demographics researched by John Albert and Rachana Shah of the Taking Our Seat organization and Jerry Vattamala of the Asian American Legal Defense Fund.  [Read more]

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Ed Ahmad is accused of bringing immigrants’ ruin

Ed Ahmad is accused of bringing immigrants’ ruin

Demerara Waves – January 9, 2012

NEW YORK TIMES- For years, a self-made real estate magnate named Edul Ahmad personified the collective dreams of Richmond Hill, Queens, which is populated by many immigrants from Guyana, in South America. Mr. Ahmad drove a yellow Lamborghini, sponsored a cricket team and held white-glove parties at a lavish banquet hall that he owned.

At a prominent intersection near the border of Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park, his smiling face looked down from a large billboard that promoted his real estate services. Many residents responded, taking out high-risk mortgages that they were told they could readily afford.

In July, it all came crashing down. Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Mr. Ahmad, charging him with masterminding a $50 million mortgage fraud that seemed to exemplify a nationwide phenomenon of celebrated immigrant brokers who were accused of preying on their own.  read more

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