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Parents—– Your call to educate children from small about handling money – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam 

  Among our young still remaining unlearned is that money must be honestly earned.

Parents are tasked with the responsibility of molding and shaping their children’s future and character. When it comes to making choices it is imperative to provide them with guidance. Today with all the pressure emanating from social media and technological advancements it has become more challenging than ever to teach children proper spending habits , and to make them

distinguish between “a necessity and a luxury”. In our current age and time, children are more exposed to a variety of things like new gadgets, high-end brands and the latest trends in fashion. It is only natural to desire the best for your child/children. However, as parents you need to make them realize the difference between a want and a need, and you need to educate them while youth is still in their favour.    Continue reading

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