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Guyana: Explosive book warns of Black rage – Jamaica Gleaner Review

Dr Glenville Ashby, Reviewer
Dr Glenville Ashby, Reviewer (right)

Title: Sitting on a Racial Volcano (Guyana Uncensored)

Author: G.H.K. Lall, 2013. Publisher: GHK Lall

In the field of psychopathology, “Black Rage” is a veridical mental disorder, a seething psychic wound that festers, then erupts with savagery at its perceived oppression. The term has also been deftly used by defense lawyers to humanise perpetrators hauled before an unforgiving penal system.

G.H.K. Lall is neither therapist nor attorney, but in this shoot-from-thracye-hip, emotively unrelenting and daring undertaking, he has assumed both these titles, and more. Lall’s signature pen stirs controversy. He will have it no other way. His earlier work, Cesspool impugned Guyana’s choking bureaucracy.       Continue reading