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GUYANA: Capitol TV news Videos – 11 June 2015

GUYANA: Capitol TV news Videos – 11 June 2015

  • Petro Caribe Fund empty – Harmon
  • Clerk rebuffs PPP on swearing in of technocrat ministers
  • Sharma Solomon speaks on future at Region Ten RDC
  • Allicock meets with APA
  • City clean-up continues
  • Activists wants new administration to keep promise to investigate Crum-Ewing’s execution
  • Sports

Click links below to view the TV Videos:   Continue reading

Bai Shan Lin logging scandal…Angry Kwakwani prepares list of demands for Govt.

Bai Shan Lin logging scandal…Angry Kwakwani prepares list of demands for Govt.

Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon

Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon

AUGUST 21, 2014 | BY |

–    Community will no longer allow advantage to be taken upon them…will become very agitated if demands are not met- Solomon

The operations of Bai Shan Lin and the blatant “disrespect” the company has been perpetuating towards the people of Region10 took center stage at a meeting the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) held with residents of Kwakwani on Tuesday evening August 19.
The sustained showers of rain that poured in Kwakwani, a community in the Upper Berbice River area on that evening, didn’t stop scores of residents from attending the meeting. Continue reading

PNCR congress ends in major rift, Granger remains leader

PNCR congress ends in major rift, Granger remains leader

JULY 28, 2014 | BY |  – Gunshot fired during ruckus

By Abena Rockcliffe

Granger and his new/old team surrounded by the press

Granger and his new/old team surrounded by the press

Notwithstanding the confusion, division, claims of a rigged election and the single gunshot which sent the young and the old running for cover; reinstated leader of the People National Congress/Reform (PNC/R), David Granger declared that the party’s 18th biennial congress a success.

Congress is traditionally formal meetings where members of a political Party discuss ideas, solve problems and make plans to move forward. Also, this is usually an occasion where Party members get to elect the persons they want to lead them. Continue reading

Linden commemorates 50th anniversary of Son Chapman

Linden commemorates 50th anniversary of Son Chapman


Lindeners, on Sunday, commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Son Chapman tragedy that claimed 54 lives after the launch was blown to bits by an explosion. The date was July 6, 1964; the explosion occurred at Horadia, some 18 miles from Linden.

The launch which was owned by businessman, Norman Chapman, was returning to Linden from Georgetown, with less than its complement of passengers, according to reports.
The boat never reached its destination, as it was rocked by the explosion and sank with its cargo of passengers.

Five decades later, the real cause of the explosion is yet to be determined, and this has prompted the call for an enquiry into the tragedy. The call was repeated by several persons who attended a symposium at the Egbert Benjamin Hall, in memory of those who perished in the tragedy.  Continue reading

Guyana- Lindeners vow to hold Govt. accountable – video

Lindeners vow to hold Govt. accountable

Capitol News – Saturday 25 January 2014:  There is no let up by Lindeners as they vowed to hold the government accountable to honour the agreement made with the community.  On Saturday 25 January 2014 the residents showed their frustration by protest marching through the street while about 70% of the businesses in the community closed their doors in protest.

Regional chairman Sharma Solomon said the region stands ready to take all necessary course of action and fight for their constitutional rights.   Continue reading

Linden unrest again a possibility – video & news updates

TV row intensifies between the Gov’t and Region

Pres. Ramotar: TV License not part of the deal 

Demerara Waves – 13 January 2013 – The government maintains that the Region 10 administration will have to go through the regular process for a television licence like any other applicant with President Donald Ramotar being the latest to weigh in on the issue.

During negotiations following a one-month protest by Lindeners after three protesters were killed allegedly by the police, the region and central government agreed that television equipment donated to the mining town some time ago would be given to the Regional Democratic Council. [Read more]

Linden readies to begin operating TV station

Linden readies to begin operating TV station

– though handing over deadline passed

(Stabroek News –  September 25, 2012) -Although the official handing over of the transmitter is already two weeks past the deadline, Linden is getting set to begin operating the television channel, which formed part of the agreement between Region 10 authorities and the government over ending the five-week protest by residents recently.

A private investor is already on board and the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) will serve as a monitor.

According to Regional Chairman Kuice Sharma Solomon the materials and equipment in line with the agreement have not been officially handed over to the people of Linden as was expected two weeks ago. “Nonetheless, we have inspected the dish and the tower site. There is no tower there but we have started the construction of a 150ft tower which is almost complete.” said Solomon.

Asked if he foresees any difficulties with the official handing over, Solomon said it is his hope that government will stick to the agreement and not cause any further delay.  Continue reading

Kwakwani – commentary


Posted By Stabroek staff On September 9,2012   – Editorial |

If it hadn’t been for Kwakwani holding its community elections in defiance of the central authorities, most people would not have known that the government had rescinded a 1983 ministerial order which gave oversight of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) to the respective Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs). Minister in the Ministry of Local Government Norman Whittaker in a recent letter to Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon said that under a ministerial order issued in July 2012, all NDCs had been brought under the direct supervision of the ministry.

For his part, we reported Mr Whittaker in yesterday’s edition as justifying this revocation by saying that the original intention (in 1983) had been to provide more opportunity for local leaders to be part of decision-making, but that this opening had been abused. “A lot of it has not been applied in the way that it ought to be applied,” we quoted him as saying. That was not, however, the real reason. Clearly by July with Linden demonstrations looming or already under way, government thought it would forestall any further local democratic developments with a legal strategem. It thought wrong.                    Continue reading

Lindeners will rebuild burnt school – Reg. 10 Chairman

Lindeners will rebuild burnt school – Reg. 10 Chairman

Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon on Thursday August 16, announced that the residents of Linden will be taking steps themselves to rebuild the school which was razed by fire at the weekend.

The One Mile Primary School, which housed more than 800 students, was destroyed early Sunday morning in what is suspected to be an arson attack.

The police say they were unable to proceed with charges against an individual who had been held on suspicion because of insufficient evidence.

“On Sunday coming the people of Linden will start to clear the grounds of that building and we will start to rebuild that school ourselves.  [ more  … Lindeners will rebuild burnt school ]

Three slain Linden protesters for Emancipation Day burial

Three slain Linden protesters for Emancipation Day burial

August 30, 2012 – Demerara Waves

The three Linden men killed in clashes with Guyana Police Force ranks while protesting an increase in electricity rates are to be buried on Emancipation Day, August 1.

This was relayed to the media on Sunday by Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon who said they are looking to have a public viewing of the men at the Square of the Revolution, Georgetown.

“We have discussed with the families some broad issues for example the location; it has been agreed by the families to have the Square of the Revolution to be the first resting place and we’ve also agreed that there will also be  a public viewing at the Bayrock Community Centre ground in Linden.    Read more :  Three slain Linden protesters for Emancipation Day burial