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Tin City Voices – Ghetto life in Guyana – documentary

GUYANA: Tin City Voices official trailer

Tin City Voices – Ghetto life in Guyana – documentary

Published on Aug 6, 2013

The story of rebirth in the confines of poverty! …. in Guyana

‘Tin City Voices’ is the story of survival in a third world slum. Filmmaker Elijah Marchand explores a shantytown in Georgetown, Guyana. We discover an abused woman, a pregnant mother, and a man struggling to find redemption for his violent life. Their lives do not intersect but run parallel. Through a stirring story about rebirth and forgiveness amongst despair and violence, we uncover the psychological environment that confines those in the ghetto.

Thanks to Rosaliene Bacchus for making me aware of this video.

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