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U.S. — Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate is just a charade – By MOHAMED HAMALUDIN

The word “charade” is defined as “an act or a pretense put on to make something appear different than what it is or a word or phrase that is acted out.”

To wit: President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial in the United States Senate.  With millions of Americans looking on via television, 100 senators were required to be silent and some passed the time playing crossword puzzles or defying the ban on electronics by using smartwatches or sleeping — a not-guilty verdict outcome almost assured.

Even before the proceedings began, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., admitted in an interview with Fox News that there would be “total coordination” with the White House and that there was “zero chance” of a conviction.        Continue reading

Michael Moore Talks Impeachment, Medicare for All, and Why Trump Might Win Again in 2020

“If we go that route—it’s guaranteed we will lose the Electoral College.”


"Nothing is more painful than what we’ve had to go through the last three years." (Photo: Bill Littman/Flickr/cc)

“Nothing is more painful than what we’ve had to go through the last three years.” (Photo: Bill Littman/Flickr/cc)

As the Senate attempts to set rules for President Trump’s impeachment trial, at least one Republican is expressing concern about the proceedings. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said in an interview Tuesday that she was disturbed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s promise of “total coordination” with the White House. Murkowski’s comments mark a rare instance of dissent for the Republican Party, which has been unified behind President Trump until now. McConnell needs 51 votes to set the rules for the hearing. Republicans have a thin majority of 53 seats in the Senate.        Continue reading

USA: Democratic leaders woefully inadequate against Trumpism – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Democratic leaders woefully inadequate against Trumpism


As the mid-term elections loom, control of at least the Senate is crucial to what will happen to America for at least the next generation because of the judiciary. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky refused to entertain President Barack Obama’s nominees for the Supreme Court and the federal bench, leaving Trump to preside over the rewriting of the laws of the land.

Shira A. Scheindlin reported in the Guardian that, in 2008, when Obama took office, 53 vacancies for federal judges existed. The number rose to 112 when President Donald Trump became president in 2016 and he is filling them with mostly conservative white men. Hugh Hewitt noted in The Washington Post that, by next year, these judges will “be participating in more than 15,000 decisions every year and almost all those decisions will be the law of the land. There will be no fewer than 400 crucial case votes and dozens of signed opinions, each year, every year …,”    Continue reading

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