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CARIBBEAN | The destabilising impact of a distant conflict – By David Jessop

— David Jessop – May 1, 2022

Earlier this month at a conference on Caribbean security, Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Motley spoke about the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the now unavoidable impact it will have on the cost of food, energy, fertiliser and transport.

The region’s leaders, she said, must explain to their citizens the need to prepare for what may lie ahead. Warning that over time a “culture of contentment” had beset the Caribbean people, PM Mottley said the region’s citizens must now be “better prepared for the present” and that the countries of the Caribbean must brace for the impact the conflict will have on prices and access to commodities.

Behind her carefully chosen words is the awareness that a seemingly distant war may have a socially destabilising dimension.          Continue reading

“Let them eat cake…” PSC; “money talks”…. Commentary by OVNN

“Let them eat cake…” PSC; “money talks”….

“Let them eat cake…” PSC; “money talks”…. and the people will hold on to their money  —  Commentary by OVNN
Georgetown, Guyana: December 3rd, 2011:One full week hasn’t yet passed, wounds of the APNU supporters are still raw, Ramotar will soon be sworn in sometime today, the leaders of all parties are debating next steps and Gerry Gouveia and the Private Sector Commission are calling for an end to peaceful protests in the streets.The Private Sector Commission needs special mention this morning.This cabal of the nation’s wealthy and elite; a group of men who run monopolies and oligopolies in Guyana, who are comfortable with the level of access they have with the PPPC insiders and who are willing to pay their bribes in exchange for every lucrative financial opportunity available in Guyana have the temerity to look down upon suffering Guyanese citizens and call for an end to peaceful protests. They do not know our pain, that is clear.  Continue reading

“Everyone’s crying out from peace, no one’s crying out for justice” – OVNN Commentary

“Everyone’s crying out from peace, no one’s crying out for justice”; disenfranchised voters urged not to spend – OVNN Commentary
Georgetown, Guyana: December 2nd, 2011Pull Quote: The election may be over, but returning to “business as usual” is not an option for at least 140,000 disenfranchised voters. The citizens are watching all of the political elites. Will they stand up for justice?..Today Guyana is tense. Donald Ramotar has been declared the winner of the 2011 presidential elections and all the players are living up to the low expectations citizens have of them.

Donald Ramotar, in his first press statement as president elect chose to chastise traditional PPPC supporters who decided to stay home rather than vote for a party which did nothing for them over the past 19 years. He pointed out the loss of a seat in parliament and remonstrated them by inferring that their actions put Indian leadership at risk. Well, what else can you expect from the architect of the PPPC government of the past 19 years?   Continue reading

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