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Nostalgia 561 – Saga and Romance of the ‘Sea Wall’

Nostalgia 561 – Saga and Romance of the ‘Sea Wall’ ..godchin2@gmail.com

Ask any Guyanese, at home or abroad, to name the first five ‘things Guyanese’ that comes readily to mind, and they often reply – Kaieteur Falls – Stabroek Market – St George’s – Public Buildings – Town Hall – and sometimes, Jonestown. Can you imagine they always oversight our Sea Wall – which actually saves the capital city of Georgetown from being a ‘Venice’, and our Coastline languishing as another ‘lost Continent of Atlantis’. This Nostalgia seeks to rectify this situation, and record the Saga and Romance of our ‘ubiquitous’ Sea Wall.

The Guyana Coastline stretching 425 kilometres from Venezuela to Suriname is approx 2 metres below high water, and its defence from the threatening Atlantic Seas has been a battle since the Dutch attempted to empolder the Coastline, in the seventeenth century for agriculture etc. The British on takeover 1814 continued this task in spite of governmental bickering – shortage of funds etc, and the perennial challenges continue to today.

Early history records that Kerfield Village and Sandy Point were washed away 1792, and major flooding breaches occurred subsequently at Enmore 1955, Buxton 1959 – Bladen Hall 1961, and most recently 2005 on the E. C. Dem. Mahaicony to G’town.   Continue reading