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Living in Guyana – slide show

Living in Guyana – slide show

This is a THREE and a HALF hours slide show of pictures of Guyana, with a few short videos as well.   Do not look unless you have the time. …although  you can stop it and always go back and fast forward to where you left off.

The first TWO hours contains pictures of life all over Guyana even a bit of Mashramai, and all the races that live in Guyana.   Many shots feature the Amerindians, the Rupununi Savannas, various falls, city markets, the fruits and foods, country life, the sea wall, and kite making and flying and the unique architecture of Guyana.   It should make you home sick if you grew up in Guyana.  You cannot look away or you will miss a picture…. But there is a stop and pause button.

The last HOUR and a HALF features a group of Americans visiting Guyana with President Carter, on various trips around the country.   You will see the East Indian festival of lights, a bit of  Pagwah , and an East Indian wedding. ….   Here is the link:   Enjoy!!!!

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