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Shop At Thrift Stores? You Bet! – opinion



I recently spent a weekend in Ventura, California, and the main reason I go there is to visit their thrift stores on Main Street. Thrift store shopping has become one of my newest hobbies! From the SPARC Second Chance Store, to the Goodwill, there are so many great thrift stores to visit, a person could get lost in all the bargins found!

If you’re not someone that’s picky about wearing or using items that belonged to someone else, and you like to save money, then walking through rows and rows in any given thrift store could become your new passion as well. When I visited my first thrift store, I still remember how I felt going inside. It was a Goodwill in Hollywood, California, on Sunset Blvd. The first thing I noticed was that the store itself was huge! Rows and rows of used clothes, toys, shoes, kitchen items, books…

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The Puzzlin’ Box – by Ron Persaud

The Puzzlin’ Box.

           “Save yuh money!” One of those many exhortations that we come to appreciate later in life; sometimes too late, because spending is so much more pleasurable and gratifying than saving.

           I believe that Guyanese are a conservative people and it was recognized National trait among the other Caribbean nations … well, except for Grenadians. Bear in mind that I am referring to people and events of 50 years ago. I expect that people have changed since then.

A household symbol of this trait was The Puzzlin’ Box.

For the young at heart, this is on instant recall. For the young, this was the rectangular container for “Brunswick” sardines (in oil, if you please). After the contents were enjoyed, the lid was removed completely, the container was washed thoroughly, a slot was made (with the sardine cutter, of course) and the thing was nailed, slot uppermost and open face against a convenient wall. (Some adult assistance required).   Continue reading

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