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NICIL money invested in undisclosed projects

NICIL money invested in undisclosed projects

May 13, 2012 | By By Gary Eleazar

 …only US$3.5M  remains in the coffers – Brassington

Head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington, has revealed that its accounts hold some $700M and not $50B as touted in some quarters.

The $700M however, represents only that which is in NICIL accounts as a singular entity and would only include proceeds from the Privatization Unit.
The Privatization Unit according to Brassington falls under NICIL accounts given that it is not an independent legal entity but rather, an arm or agent of NICIL.     He said that the $700M referred to as reflected in NICIL accounts, does not reflect the accounts of any of the subsidiaries of NICIL.

The Subsidiary Companies that NICIL controls include The Guyana National Newspapers Limited, publishers of the Chronicle, NCN, GUYOIL, National Edible Oil Company, Guyana National Printers Limited, Linden Electricity Company, and Guyana National Shipping Corporation. It has shares in several other companies including Guyana Stockfeeds Limited and more recently, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Pegasus.   Continue reading

Jagdeo’s Real Pensions – Tony Vieira – TV Commentary

Jagdeo’s Real Pensions – Tony Vieira – TV Commentary

Pull Quote:  “So this is Jagdeo’s real pension the silent owner of QAII which makes him a billionaire at the expense of the poor Guyanese taxpayers”

      Jagdeo’s Real Pensions

Tony Vieira’s comments  (Aired 14 November 2011)

  Guyanese are discussing   president Jagdeo’s pension, it has become a huge talking point in the nation as to what and how much his pension will cost us but people are only concentrating on the actual amount, not enough emphasis is being placed on the ancillary entitlements of his package which will total a very considerable amount of money for example, presidential guards will guard him until he dies not ordinary police, as was the custom in the past, we don’t know how many presidential guards will be required and how much this will cost, and this will go on for as long as he lives, domestic and other servants will be paid for by the state, first class trips twice a year for him and his family will be paid for by the people, his upkeep will include chauffeur including duty free vehicles and he will not be required to pay taxes ever, etc this is important in view of what I intend to disclose tonight, but this retirement package for this man who is still very young, will be enormous and ruinous over time to this poor nation, since the cost of the benefits will increase as time passes and the presidential Guards, the servants, the gardeners and chauffeur will all get more expensive as the cost of living increases and their salaries adjusted upward, all of these privileges have to be paid for with your taxes, but for what? This man is only a legend in his own mind, this man’s presidency has been the biggest disaster in the history of this country, under his stewardship crime especially narco trafficking has been allowed to escalate completely out of control taking hold even at the most senior levels of his administration, no one even tries to deny that Roger Khan was seen coming out of his office according to the Wikileaks cables from our own US embassy and reported in the newspapers on the …….xxxx.                Continue reading

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