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Crime: The Babita Sarjou story – commentary

Crime: The Babita Sarjou story

Opinion - commentary -analysisTHE Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Guyana Police Force was able to unearth Babita Sarjou’s body in a three-foot grave aback her reputed husband’s house. (Here is a “cold case” dating back to 2010  that was solved. see video below)

The police have reported that Sarjou’s reputed husband Sharadananda Narine, called ‘Anand’, and his alleged accomplice Darel Pronton, called ‘Yankee’, who led them to the grave, were interrogated and held in connection with the crime.

The CID claims the skeletal remain are that of Sarjou, but will do a DNA test to establish 100 percent certainty.   Continue reading

SEAN HINDS – by Ralph Ramkarran – Commentary

SEAN HINDS – Posted on July 25, 2015  – by Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Sean Hinds comes out of the dark and dangerous recesses of our recent history. In the relating of events of that era, he cleverly ensures that the confessions that he makes stop short of implicating him in any criminal activity, save that his admission that he was contracted to kill Ronald Waddell may point to involvement in a conspiracy to commit a crime. That admission is a matter for the Police.

Sean Hinds emerged against a background of seething political convulsions, which started immediately after the 1992 general elections, subsided, resumed after the 1997 general elections, subsided, then resumed again after the 2001 general elections. Continue reading

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