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GUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 03 August 2015

Capitol TV logoGUYANA – Capitol TV News Videos – 03 August 2015

  • Sailor missing after boat capsizes
  • Margaret Cummings has more explaining to do
  • “Grey Boy” Rodrigues still in custody for Crum- Ewing’s murder
  • Rohee defenses $1.5M property
  • 50 not out for Ron Robinson
  • Relocated Tiger Bay residents plead; remember us
  • Businesswomen venture out
  • Sports
  • Margaret comes in: for the second time

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 Ms Jane Seymour, the daughter of Guyana’s celebrated poet, AJ Seymour, and Dr Jacqueline de Weever, the niece of the poet, are now back in the Unites States, after spending a special week in Georgetown, Guyana. They were there to participate in functions celebrating the Birth Centenary of the poet Arthur James Seymour, which was on January 12, 2014, and which proved to be quite a success.

The principal function was the staging of a poetry concert, “SEE MORE POETRY”, which was held at the Theatre Guild Playhouse in Kingston, Georgetown, on Sunday January 12, to a sold-out audience.  A wide variety of the poems by Seymour were read by some of Guyana’s well-known radio, theatre and cultural luminaries. They included Margaret Lawrence, Ron Robinson, Ian McDonald, Rupert Roopnaraine, Francis Quamina Farrier, Joan Cambridge, Ras Michael, Nazim Hussain and Malcolm DeFreitas.   Continue reading

Tribute to Terence Holder – by Rafiq Khan

Tribute to Terence Holder – by Rafiq Khan

By: Rafiq Khan – 15 January, 2014

Rafiq Khan

For those of us of a certain age, memories are our only happiness. I would like to share with you some unforgettable memories and reflections about my friend, Terry Holder – not all of them happy.

My most recent happy memory was one of Terry just a few days before Christmas, when he up-ended the purpose of my visiting him by cheering

Terry Holder

Terry Holder

me up instead of my cheering him up.

There was I, on my arrival in the country, full of anxiety for Terry’s welfare, being whisked to his home by our mutual friend Vic Insanally. Unknown to me, Terry had just moved into the very street where my Guyana home is located.

Anticipating a one-on-one visit, I did not know I would be joining a  select group who had fore-gathered at Terry’s request, so that he could be with them for what, it is now sadly clear, he foresaw would be the last time.   Continue reading

“SEE MORE POETRY”: readings of poems by Arthur James Seymour – Georgetown Jan 12, 2014

“SEE MORE POETRY”: readings of some of the best poems by Arthur James Seymour.

This is to excite lovers of good poetry – especially the poetry of AJ Seymour.

On Sunday January 12, 2014, the National Library in Georgetown, Guyana, will stage “SEE MORE POETRY”, a programme of readings of some of the best poems by Arthur James Seymour.

It is to commemorate the Centenary of the birth of the celebrated Guyanese poet, who died 25 years ago on Christmas day, at age 75. Some of the best Readers will be on stage at the Theatre Guild’s Playhouse on Parade Street in Kingston, Georgetown, reading such poems as “Over Guyana, Clouds”, “Tomorrow Belongs to the People”, “Name Poem”, “Sun is a Shapely Fire”, “The Lover Speaks”, “There Runs a Dream” and many others.   Continue reading

Capitol News TV News Videos – 24 Sep 2013

Capitol News  TV News Videos – 24 Sep 2013

  • And on Crime, the blame goes to…..
  • Some First Federation tenants feel they are being forced out
  • GINA Workers feel the effects of Budget Cuts
  • Another policeman gunned down, this time in his yard
  • Theater personality Ron Robinson in an accident.
  • Sports
  • Human Trafficking: Trinidadian woman rescued at Interior location tells her story
  • Hunt still on for killer of Biker Kirk Davis
And on Crime, the blame goes to…..Posted: 24 Sep 2013 07:28 PM PDT
Some First Federation tenants feel they are being forced outPosted: 24 Sep 2013 07:22 PM PDT   Continue reading
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