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Malaysian Airlines MH17 – Was it Collateral Damage? – By Ron Persaud

Malaysian Airlines MH17 – Was it Collateral Damage?

By Ron Persaud

I anticipate that this phrase will cover (up?) the death and destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

We can never tell which immature mind might aim a laser beam at the cockpit of an aircraft on its landing approach.

We cannot tell which passenger is fanatic enough to be martyr for his cause and take all on the journey into eternity.

And we have no way of knowing when the “Big red button” is under an incompetent thumb.  Continue reading

Who needs an Attitude Adjustment? – by Ron Persaud

Who needs an Attitude Adjustment?

 By Ron Persaud

Mr. (later, Dr.) Earl E. Timothy, now deceased … I learnt … with sadness,  taught me all I needed to know about the communication process.

We (ECFI class of 1963-1965) learnt that:

1.The communication process is aimed at changing the behavior of the communicant(s).

2. It is the communicator’s responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of the communique – by observing feedback – the changed behavior

3. There are physical barriers to the communication process …

…as well as mental barriers.

4. That the mental barriers are either conceptual or attitudinal.

Continue reading

MAKING MUSIC by Ron Persaud

LEAF FLUTE VIDEO – playing music with a leaf

 MAKING MUSIC by Ron Persaud

Here is an interesting quote lifted from Wikipedia.
 “Making music
Stringing a plant’s leaf or a piece of paper over one side of the comb and
humming with cropped lips on the opposite side dramatically increases the
high-frequency harmonic content of the hum produced by the human voice box, and
the resulting spread sound spectrum can be modulated by changing the resonating
frequency of the oral cavity.                Continue reading

Good to be Alive – by Ron Persaud

Good to be Alive

By Ron Persaud

 Four years ago I confided to a friend that I wanted to live to see how President Obama’s first term would play out.

I had some misgivings at the time; and apprehension too!

Would he be President of the whole USA; or just for black people?  Let me hasten to explain that I come from a culture where the term “apaan jhaat” (for your own race)  was a campaign exhortation ever since I was a teenager. One of my sisters-in-law was seriously intent on returning to Guyana “if Obama wins”  He did but she did not.          Continue reading

How do people know you? – by Ron Persaud

How do people know you?

By Ron Persaud

Recently I had to reflect on the Guyanese custom of not using a person’s name – “full mouth” – as they say. My maternal grandmother was referred to as ‘Sam Mai’; her elder sister was ‘Sam Auntie’ (did you see that coming?).  Sam, my mother’s brother, was a Pandit and perhaps the most well known person in Louisiana Village – if not on the whole island of Leguan. One of my aunts would refer to her husband as ‘James’ Buddy’ – James’ brother – despite the fact that her husband’s name is William. Sometimes the appellation would go the other way. Jimmy, my cousin, was instantly placed when referred to as ‘Baranka Son’.

The nomenclature transcended generations; my father and his siblings had a  ‘Cullen Mousey’ – the wife of their father’s brother – from Cullen, Essequibo. ‘Big Mousey’ and  ‘Lil Mousey’ differentiated their other two aunts.           Continue reading

You are an OLD GUYANESE if: By Ron Persaud

You know that you are an OLD GUYANESE if:

By Ron Persaud

  •  You recall drinking sweet broom tea out of a tinnin‘ cup.
  • And if drank a lot of it you may have used the ‘tensil  later that night.
  • You bought stuff with basin-money.
  • You have been called a rangatang when you were a kid.
  • You recognize pooch panch when you see it.
  • You know that khngh is a Guyanese unit of length that cannot be defined.
  • You know that king sailor  was not a nautical term.
  • You voted on the 27th. April, 1953.        Continue reading

Three Hookers on Highway 60 – a story by Ron Persaud


By Ron Persaud – rpersaud7@tampabay.rr.com

For my birthday last year, my cousin Marcia, treated me and Rita to a Benise concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Marcia lives in Brandon and is a bit unfamiliar with the area so we agreed to keep in touch by cell phone to make sure that we all got there in good time.

I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my age but I made a special effort to dress and look my best for the occasion because both Rita and Marcia are very pretty and they look about half their true age. I wore a snazzy silk shirt and my best blazer. Rita chose to wear a pantsuit with an informal top instead of a jacket. A row of sequins around the neckline gave the ensemble a rather festive appearance.   Continue reading

ODD ODYSSEY – by Ron Persaud


The whole plot of this story germinated around the fact that there were two radio stations in B.G. before ZFY. They were coded VP3BG and VP3MR. The two EMF signals that Dlandor picked up were the broadcast signals from them. The idea of an alien slowly distilled after an incident in a City Park. I was spraying a weed killer and used a dye to track where I sprayed; The product got on my hands and colored them. A kid in the play ground exclaimed “Look mom! His hands are green!” I carefully calibrated the situation before explaining, “That’s because I am an alien; I’m from another planet!” His eyes opened wide…and his mother – thankfully – enjoyed the whole thing. And now you know the whole story.

Most of the rest is as accurate as I can recall from my one-year stint as a teacher in the South Rupununi. As an aside, one month was spent at Sand Creek School where Ms. Stephanie Correia AA, was interim headteacher. She was the daughter of Stephen Campbell, Guyana’s first Amerindian Legislator; and I have been a better person because of that.
Cheers to everyone… (Ron Persaud). Continue reading

OMG !!! SUGAR??? – By Ron Persaud

OMG !!!  SUGAR???

By Ron Persaud – rpersaud7@tampabay.rr.com

They want to regulate sugar!  Sucrose! C12 H22 O11. Oh! That sweet stuff I used to suck from a piece of sugar cane which my mother had thoughtfully and lovingly peeled for me. Do you remember how they sliced away the cane peel, chopped out the two “knots” and split the clean joint into four manageable pieces by two vertical slices at right angles to each other?

A vendor near the Georgetown Ferry Stelling went one better. He would squeeze the juice out of the sugar cane stalks on a portable mill and sell the sweet, cool liquid for 8 cents a glass. I can recall the milk-colored “squeezings” oozing as he re-doubled the rinds and doubled down on his efforts for yet one more time. As a youth I often had to guide my grandparents’ age group around the city; the hospital, Post Office Building etc. Their trip would end with me accompanying them to the stelling for the beginning of their homeward trip to Leguan. My reward was a “small piece” and a glass of cane juice if the vendor was there. Continue reading

Graduation – a story by Ron Persaud


 A Short story by Ron Persaud …  (see bio at end)

 The tension became almost unbearable as Graduation Day arrived and no results had been posted on the bulletin board. All sorts of rumors were going around, even that the ceremony would be postponed. That would have been a big disappointment in many ways; not the least of which was that all the students were going to be gone by next afternoon. (Some Trinidadians were planning to leave immediately after the ceremony). Every student was wilted and weak with nervous anticipation of the worst; but promptly at five o’clock the band and choir from the Mausica Teachers’ Training College led the assembly of Dignitaries, Clergy, Faculty, Students and Invited Guests in a roof raising rendition of the Trinidad National Anthem. Continue reading