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Guyana: Capitol News TV News – 08 August 2014

Guyana: Capitol News TV News – 08 August 2014

  • Granger says Jagdeo major player in Bai Shan Lin
  • Army explains interdiction of fishing vessels
  • City Council thinks up new strategies to unseat Sooba
  • Blue Caps continues advocacy for Local Gov’t polls
  • PNCR threatens to cut funding for Rodney COI
  • Police hosts Camp for students
  • Sports
Granger says Jagdeo major player in Bai Shan Lin  — Posted: 08 Aug 2014 02:09 PM PDT   Continue reading

Rodney inquiry – commentary

Rodney inquiry

Dr. Walter RodneyMarch 9, 2014 · Stabroek News – Editorial
The government received justified commendation for announcing last year that a commission of inquiry would be held into the death of Dr Walter Rodney in 1980. Never mind that it has taken two decades for it to reach this point, or that key potential witnesses, not the least of whom is Gregory Smith, are now beyond the reach of earthly interrogation. 
It is unfortunate, of course, that this is likely to be an election year of some variety or other, and the possibility that an inquiry might be seized on for partisan purposes in an election campaign cannot be dismissed out of hand. That said, however, in and of itself there is no reason why 2014 should be ruled out as the year for holding the inquiry if it is handled in a straightforward way.   Continue reading