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The AFC at 12: The journey has ended – by Freddie Kissoon  

The AFC at 12: The journey has ended31

 Yesterday marked one dozen years since the Alliance for Change came into being at the Ocean View Hotel, Liliendaal on October 29, 2005. I thought of doing this article yesterday, the actual birthday, but I considered the topic on the insensitivity of our leaders to poverty in Guyana more pressing and relevant for a Sunday column.

Has the AFC become a fading superstar? I think the final performance on stage will be 2020. It is definitely outside the scope of one newspaper column to analyse the twelve-year journey of the AFC. The AFC has not had an attractive birth or continuation of its life. It was essentially a middle class formation that followed Raphael Trotman out of the PNC, and Sheila Holder brought a few middle class admirers with her.   Continue reading

Have Afro-Guyanese become like Afro-Brazilians?- commentary

Have Afro-Guyanese become like Afro-Brazilians?


Today I will walk into the National Park with some of my African-Guyanese activist friends. I will meet with many African activists whose main agenda is to save what they believe is a dying political economy of African-Guyanese. A year will pass and if I am alive, I will repeat the routine in 2015. And if I am alive in 2016, I will repeat it again.

Then I will say to myself in 2016 what I said in preceding years after leaving the National Park and walking back to the mainstream of life in my country – so where are the changes?

Make no mistake about it; the challenge to Robert Corbin’s leadership by Team Alexander was not about power. Maybe it was. But it was surely not the motivating factor. It was about the direction of the PNC’s praxis.  Continue reading

PNCR Conference: Granger promotes ‘One Nation’ solution

 Granger promotes ‘One Nation’ solution

David Granger

David Granger

July 25, 2014 · Stabroek News

In his address to the 18th biennial delegates’ conference of the PNCR this afternoon, Party leader David Granger urged a One Nation solution for the country and lambasted the PPP/C for not seizing the opportunity for more inclusive governance.

In the text of his address released by Congress Place he urged delegates to keep the pressure up to “push the PPP out of office, elect a government of national unity and give the Guyanese people the good life that they deserve”.

He also alighted on the Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh’s management of the country’s finances stating that it has been a major source of political contention. He added “We shall soon settle that!”  That remark appears to be a reference to Singh’s spending of $4.5B which has brought the country to the brink of a motion of no confidence by the opposition majority in Parliament against the government.

Granger’s address follows:   Continue reading

APNU names its MPs, no place for Norton

APNU names its MPs, no place for Norton

20 December 2011 – Demerara Waves

The opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has released its extracted list of candidates for the 2011 elections, naming those individuals set to represent it in the National Assembly.

The coalition, which won 26 seats in the 65-seat National Assembly, issued the names of 25 individuals with no place on the list for Aubrey Norton whose supporters have been protesting his exclusion.

“The 26th name will be submitted after discussions and consultation are concluded for the Speaker of the National Assembly,” the APNU said.  Continue reading

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