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GUYANA: Politics: Aubrey Norton Is At A Fork In The Road – By Ralph Ramkarran

The fundamental objective of a political party is to gain political office and implement its policies for the benefit of the country. After months of grueling effort, Aubrey Norton has finally succeeded in overcoming ‘factionalism’ in the PNC by being nominated for a seat in the National Assembly and being elected as Opposition Leader. The word ‘factionalism’ is adopted from an editorial in Village Voice, an internet newspaper that is generally sympathetic to the Opposition. It discussed Norton’s journey from candidate to Opposition Leader.

It is generally difficult in Guyana to interrogate factionalism in the PPP and PNC because information about internal differences of opinion is unavailable or unreliable. In the case of Mr. Norton’s rise to the leadership of the PNC, it is a bit easier because  Continue reading

Guyana: Proposed Amendments to Elections Law Totally Inadequate – By Ralph Ramkarran

By Ralph Ramkarran – Conversation Tree Blog – November 13, 2021

The amendments to the elections’ laws proposed by the Government through the Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill are woefully inadequate. They are limited to the following: imposing higher penalties for elections’ offences; creating new elections’ offences with high penalties; adumbrating a new structure for District (Region) 4; and establishing new offices for District 4. Having now demonstrated a mindset of where it wants to go by the contents of the Bill, the Government is unlikely to divert from this already decided course, except perhaps with minor amendments.

But much more is required, and this was the opportunity to accomplish needed reforms in other areas of the electoral system, especially since the next elections are four years away. I have written extensively, but vainly, about elections’ reform over several years. I now take the opportunity to repeat some of those ideas.              Continue reading

GUYANA Politics: That “Bloated” Electoral List – by Ralph Ramkarran 

  – Conversation Tree Blog 

In 2010 I wrote an article on the overseas vote in which I argued that the Constitution of Guyana permitted all Guyanese citizens over the age of 18 to vote. Since there was no residence stipulation, Guyanese residing overseas have a right to vote. As readers would imagine, it elicited some controversy. I was a member of the leadership of the PPP at that time.

Mr. Robert Corbin, then leader of the PNCR, in a masterful display of irony, accused the PPP of seeking to re-introduce the overseas vote which, incidentally, the PNC had facilitated and grossly manipulated in the 1968 elections so much so that voters were registered as residing at the address of a horse pasture in the UK.        Continue reading

APNU supporters march again to protest results

APNU supporters march again to protest results

December 2,2011 – Demerara Waves

A large contingent of supporters of the opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) marched through the streets of Georgetown to the Kingston headquarters of the Elections Commission to press demands for an all-party reconciliation of Statements of Poll in Monday’s polls.

Police ranks kept a close eye on the peaceful crowd which has massed beyond the barriers at Lamaha and Main Streets, about 100 yards from the Commission.

The gathering, which included former senior officers of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), was vociferous but peaceful. The march was incident free.  Continue reading

How the PPP Rigged the 2011 Elections – by Malcolm Harripaul

HOW THE PPP AND GECOM RIGGED THE 2011 ELECTIONS  by Malcolm Harripaul –  Commentary

 The election that was held on 28th Nov 2011 was rigged by the PPP and GECOM. When one rigs an election from a minority base he has to take large blocks of votes away from the majority and so his rigging is easily detected. On the other hand when one rigs from a large base he does not have to take away votes from the minority. He only has to keep his base numbers high and this not easily detectable. That is why observers have a difficulty catching the PPP at rigging.

During the elections campaign the traditional PPP supporter stayed away from PPP meetings so much so that the PPP had to “rig” crowds at its rallies. When PPP supporters stayed away from the polls the PPP had to rig the elections.  Continue reading

APNU supporters protest outside Parliament Building

APNU supporters protest outside Parliament Building

Angered by defeat and allegations of vote-rigging, supporters of Guyana’s main opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Thursday night thronged outside Parliament Buildings where political leaders were meeting inside.

They pushed down police barriers to express disgust that the incumbent Peoples Progressive Party Civic’s (PPPC) Donald Ramotar was declared winner of Monday’s presidential elections.

Riot police, armed with rifles and teargas canisters did not go into action and there were no immediate reports of anyone arrested.

APNU presidential candidate, David Granger has already charged that there were massive irregularities including broken ballot box seals, inconsistent tallies on statements of poll and multiple voting in some areas of the mainly East Indian-backed PPPC.

Chanting “We want Granger,” “No place for Donald”, and “No school, No work,” they walked, drove and rode from their party headquarters to Parliament Building in the commercial heart of Georgetown.    Read more

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