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Can White People Play Black Music? By: Dr. Arthur Lewin

BLACK HISTORY:  Can White People Play Black Music?

White-Rapper: Non-Blacks have always been pirates of Black culture

White-Rapper: Non-Blacks have always been pirates of Black culture

February 5, 2014 – By: Dr. Arthur Lewin

AFRICANGLOBE – Have you ever wondered how jazz, and then later rock ‘n’ roll, developed out of the blues? How Black music came to be America’s music? Whether or not people who are not Black can really play Black music? Amiri Baraka speaks on this in his 1963 classic, Blues People.

“There was a body music that came to exist from a people who were brought to this side as slaves and throughout that music’s development, it had had to survive, expand, reorganize, continue, and express itself, as the fragile property of a powerless and oppressed People. The music was explaining the history as the history was explaining the music. Both were expressions of and reflections of the people. (x) Continue reading

Etta James – 100 Top songs/videos – autoplay

Etta James – 100 Top songs/videos – autoplay

Biography  – wikipedia.com

Etta James (born Jamesetta Hawkins;  January 25, 1938 – January 20, 2012) was an American singer. Her style spanned a variety of music genres including bluesrhythm and bluesrock and rollsoul,gospel and jazz. Starting her career in 1954, she gained fame with hits such as “Roll With Me, Henry“, “At Last“, “Tell Mama“, “Something’s Got a Hold on Me“, and “I’d Rather Go Blind” for which she wrote the lyrics.[1] She faced a number of personal problems, including drug addiction, before making a musical resurgence in the late 1980s with the album The Seven Year Itch.[2]

James is regarded as having bridged the gap between rhythm and blues and rock and roll, and is the winner of six Grammys and 17 Blues Music Awards. She was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, the Blues Hall of Fame in 2001, and the Grammy Hall of Fame in both 1999 and 2008.[3] Rolling Stone ranked James number 22 on their list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time and number 62 on the list of the 100 Greatest Artists.[4][5]     [Read more]

BROOK BENTON – 100 videos – continuous play

BROOK BENTON – 100 videos – continuous play

Brook Benton (September 19, 1931 – April 9, 1988) was an American singer and songwriter who was popular with rock and rollrhythm and blues, and pop music audiences during the late 1950s and early 1960s, when he scored hits such as “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” and “Endlessly“, many of which he co-wrote.

He made a comeback in 1970 with the ballad “Rainy Night in Georgia.” Benton scored over 50Billboard chart hits as an artist, and also wrote hits for other performers.  `[more]

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