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New Year Reflections and Wishes – By Eusi Kwayana

New Year Reflections and Wishes

By Eusi Kwayana

May the New Year bring new efforts to allow the Guyanese people to achieve what we deserve. When a religious personage of the Hindu faith, Swami Aksharanda, recently addressed the broad Hindu community in the context of a festival, he spoke prophetic words. He called on men to respect ALL WOMEN. If every religious faith called on its men to respect ALL WOMEN, there would be a chance of growing respect for all women. That would be the beginning of a great change.

 I am personally grateful for all support in many non-political ways from ordinary Guyanese wherever I happen to be. In particular they organised to help sell my modest books. Their support was given whether they agreed with my views or not. To the extent I have the capacity to give back in return, I do freely volunteer my time and services where I am, though it is not home.  Continue reading

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