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US POLITICS: Trump will have a powerful voice, even if he loses – says CFR president

President of CFR Richard Haass

President of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), Richard Haass has posited that even if the result of the US 2020 Presidential Election goes in the seeming direction with Democratic nominee, Joe Biden becoming President, Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump will still hold considerable political power and influence long after he cedes his office. The New York-based think tank made this assessment in its Election 2020 series.

Haas said that Trump is probably going to have considerable influence in choosing the Republican party’s nominee for the US 2024 Presidential election, and that “Trumpism” will remain a powerful force in America.        Continue reading

Why Trump Won and Why Clinton Lost – By Robert Parry

Why Trump Won and Why Clinton Lost

trumpClinton’s stunning defeat reflected a gross misjudgement by the Democratic Party about the depth of populist anger against self-serving elites who have treated much of the country with disdain.

For this dangerous and uncertain moment, the Democratic Party establishment deserves a large share of the blame. Despite signs that 2016 would be a year for an anti-Establishment candidate – possibly someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Bernie Sanders – the Democratic leadership decided that it was “Hillary’s turn.”

By Robert ParryConsortium NewsWednesday, November 09, 2016    Continue reading

The Republican Party has a date with the monster they helped to create – By Yvonne Sam

The Republican Party has a date with the monster they helped to create

Opinion - commentary -analysisBy Yvonne Sam

Lyrics to a song made famous by the Carpenters, “We’ve only just begun”, run thus, “sharing horizons that are new to us, watching the signs along the way”.  How applicable are these words to the Republican Party, now behaving as if they failed to see any of the tell-tale signs pointing to Trump becoming an eventual liability to the party.

The irony lies in the fact that some of the leaders and political pundits, who are now calling for a counterrevolution against Trump, were formerly welcoming his input to the debate. The American public has been forced to masticate the proceedings of a campaign without ideological questions or public matters being hashed out.  Continue reading

We are witnessing the death of the Republican Party – Independent UK

We are witnessing the death of the Republican Party

GOP logoNo one who cherishes the American ideal of ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ could fail to be horrified by what has become of the GOP- Republican Party

Editorial  – Independent UK

Once upon a time in America, the Republican Party was the most intellectually exciting and effective political organisation on the planet.

In fact, this happened not merely once upon a time, but repeatedly: at various stages since the 18th century revolution that threw off those dastardly Hanoverians and created the most enterprising and exciting country our planet has known. It was the Republican Party – also known as the Grand Old Party, or GOP – that was on the right side of history, that emancipated the enslaved and made friends of strangers, and forced back the boundaries of knowledge and human potential.  Continue reading

Uh-oh: Where does all the white rage go when Donald Trump loses?

Uh-oh: Where does all the white rage go when Donald Trump loses?

by Michael Bourne – Salon

They’re too angry to sit still. Too many to ignore. But too few to elect a president. Where do they go after Trump?

For all Donald Trump’s dark pronouncements about immigrants and Muslims and the sporadic fistfights at his rallies, the Republican frontrunner has so far channelled the rage and fear felt by his constituents into an election campaign. Violence is never far from the surface at a Trump rally, and as has happened with sickening regularity in recent weeks, it occasionally breaks through in wild sucker punches and outright beatings of protesters, but the goal of the Trump campaign could not be more conventionally political: to propel its candidate to the Republican Party nomination, and from there, to the presidency.

But what happens when his campaign fails, as it almost certainly will? Trump is openly at war with his own party, and even if that badly splintered organization magically unites behind him after the convention, there simply are not enough angry white people in America to elect him president. Where will all that anger go, which has been slowly building among America’s white working class for half a century, once it is left without a viable political outlet?   Continue reading

Is Donald Trump leading Republicans into a ‘post-truth age’? – BBC News

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Is Donald Trump leading Republicans into a ‘post-truth age’?

Exactly one year from today, the US will have a new president after a protracted race.

While the US campaign cycle can often be baffling for those watching outside of the US, this time around there’s a sense that those in the US feel just as confused by what they’re seeing.

With the Republican party in the midst of an identity crisis, a sort of “anti-politics” voice is emerging – the likes of which are already familiar to those in the UK and Europe.  Continue reading

Billionaires, bigotry and Barack – commentary

Billionaires, bigotry and Barack

By Stabroek News – Guyana   August 25, 2012  Editorial |

The US elections may seem safely distant to outsiders but many American pundits are confidently predicting a struggle for Obama to survive the disappointed hopes and lack of change in his first term. Predictably, a central concern is the candidates’ relative war chests, and their capacity to raise huge sums of money quickly – formerly one of Obama’s marked strengths. Here the playing field has tilted significantly. Despite Congress’s recent attempts to reform campaign finance, political money has never been less constrained. This favoured Obama in 2008 but handicaps him severely today.

A 2010 Supreme Court ruling (Citizens United v Federal Election Commission) interpreted donations to Political Action Commitees (PACs) as a form of  “political speech” and opened the door for the so-called Super-PACs, whose exorbitant budgets dwarf traditional financing.  Wealthy Americans have not been slow to grasp the implications of the revolution and have given generously – mostly to the Republican Party.    Continue reading

What a wonderful world – video spoof on the Republicans

What a wonderful world – video spoof on the GOP – the Republican Party in the USA – using the popular Sam Cooke song “Wonderful World”.