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GUYANA Politics: That “Bloated” Electoral List – by Ralph Ramkarran 

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In 2010 I wrote an article on the overseas vote in which I argued that the Constitution of Guyana permitted all Guyanese citizens over the age of 18 to vote. Since there was no residence stipulation, Guyanese residing overseas have a right to vote. As readers would imagine, it elicited some controversy. I was a member of the leadership of the PPP at that time.

Mr. Robert Corbin, then leader of the PNCR, in a masterful display of irony, accused the PPP of seeking to re-introduce the overseas vote which, incidentally, the PNC had facilitated and grossly manipulated in the 1968 elections so much so that voters were registered as residing at the address of a horse pasture in the UK.        Continue reading

Writ issued in Guyana over ‘racist remarks’ by former President Jagdeo

Writ issued in Guyana over ‘racist remarks’ by former President Jagdeo
Published on April 10, 2015 – By Caribbean News Now Contributor
Former President Bharat Jagdeo

Bharat Jagdeo

WHIM, Guyana — On Thursday, a summons was issued in Whim, Guyana, by magistrate Charlyn Artiga to be served to former president Bharrat Jagdeo to appear personally in court and plead to a criminal charge of “racially divisive remarks” he made on Sunday, March 8, at a public meeting, “which can result in racial or ethnic violence or hatred among the people” as set out in Section 139 D of the Representation of the People Act.

In his court filing, attorney at law, Chis Ram stated that Jagdeo said:” The opposition consistently shout about the racism of the PPP but they practice racism. The opposition beat drums at six in the morning and say let us throw out those coolie (Indian) people.”

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