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WORLD– Former slaving-owning nations getting reparations bills for trillions – By Mohamed Hamaludin

By MOHAMED HAMALUDIN – Final installment in a series

The African continent has sent Europe a $777 trillion reparations bill for enslaving 32 million of its people between 1450 and 1850 and theft of its minerals. The demand came during the first conference of the African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission, held in Accra, Ghana. The Accra Declaration called for the debt to be paid within five years and also that African nations’ international debt be “unconditionally cancelled.”

The demand, made 21 years ago, has not been met. However, additional claims for reparations have also been made, including, in some cases, for the atrocities committed under colonialism. The Mau Mau in Kenya won a lawsuit in 2013 against the British government in a case filed by five elderly persons for torture and forced labor, Quartz Africa’s Lynsey Chutel reported. The court ordered the British government to pay $24.8 million to 5,000 Kenyans; another 40,000 filed a similar lawsuit.          Continue reading

USA: Persuasive case for reparations but hard divide blocks the way forward – By Mohamed Hamaludin

 By MOHAMED HAMALUDIN – Fifth in a series

Julian Castro, a Latino who served as housing and urban development secretary in the Obama administration, once said on MSNBC,  ““It is interesting to me that, under our Constitution and otherwise, we compensate people if we take their property. Shouldn’t we compensate people if they were property sanctioned by the state?”

Nearly three in four African Americans agreed, a 2019 poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found. Some European Americans also agree.

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U.S.A — Reparations issue continues to languish in Congress as other topics take precedence – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Third in a series – – By Mohamed Hamaludin

“We, the jury, in the above entitled cause,” the verdict read, “do find for the plaintiff and assess her damages … at Two thousand five hundred dollars $2,500.00.”

The year was 1878. Inevitably, the jurors, judge and attorneys were all European Americans. However, the plaintiff was an African American woman, Henrietta Wood, who had sued for slavery reparations and was awarded today’s equivalent of $65,000.

Like Wood, untold numbers of enslaved Africans, freed by President Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation Declaration effective Jan. 1, 1863, were still denied their freedom. Wood was kept enslaved and, after she was finally freed, she had little choice but to contract to work for her former owner for three more years for $10 a month. She was not paid and she sued him for $20,000 in lost wages, USA Today’s Nicole Carroll recounted on June 19, 2020.      Continue reading

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