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Red Plastic Bag “RPB” – Barbados Soca hits from 2009-2015 – 7 music videos

Many readers may know the songs “Ragga Ragga”(mid 1990’s) and “Something’s Happening” (2009) (see videos below). These songs are by Stedson Wiltshire aka Red Plastic Bag (RPB). Here are some of his winning hits from 2010-2015 … Enjoy!

Red Plastic Bag “RPB”- SWEET SOCA SONG [Barbados Crop Over Soca 2010]

… now listen to his more recent winning tunes below …. Enjoy!!!

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Popular Red Plastic Bag (RPB) music videos – auto-playlist

Red Plastic Bag (RPB) –   here is a Playlist of 200 of his popular tunes

Stedson Wiltshire, better known by the sobriquet of Red Plastic Bag, RPB, or merely Bag, is a calypsonian from Barbados. He has won the Barbadian calypso monarch competition a record nine times.

Red Plastic Bag began performing in 1979. He combined the sounds of reggae and soca, and has become one of the most popular performers in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. His biggest hit, “Ragga Ragga”, has been recorded in seven different languages. Continue reading

Barbados Cropover: Naniki Caribbean Cuizine – August 3, 2014

Naniki Cropover event

‘CHRISTMAS HAPPNIN’ – Mustard Seed Kids & Alison Hinds – Video

‘CHRISTMAS HAPPNIN’ – Mustard Seed Kids & Alison Hinds – Video

This song uses the tune by Barbados’ Red Plastic Bag (RPB) called – Something Happenin… They changed the lyrics to create a catchy Christmas song  under the leadership of  Soca Queen  …Alison Hinds.

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