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A Little About White History in Black History Month – featuring Tim Wise -2 videos

White History in Black History Month –  Tim Wise

Film: White Like Me (Tim Wise), Anti-racist Educator & Advocate

The continued prominence of racism is explored through the prism of white privilege in the engrossing documentary White Like Me. Based upon a book of the same name by anti-racist advocate Tim Wise, the film explores the many advantages afforded to whites throughout the history of the United States, and the extent to which they have defined a culture of racial discrimination that continues to this day.    Continue reading

Did this 100-year-old film make people racist?

Did this 100-year-old film make people racist?


When the first ever feature-length film premiered in LA 100 years ago, viewers were astonished by its cinematography, gripping battle scenes and three-hour running time. But it was also racist and helped revive the Ku Klux Klan. Did Birth of a Nation have a greater impact on real life than any other film?

D W Griffith’s film tells the story of America during the Civil War and Reconstruction. It depicts black men (white actors in black face) as violent, stupid and obsessed with interracial marriage. In contrast, it paints the Ku Klux Klan as heroes on a mission to protect the country.  Continue reading

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