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GUYANA: Think on that -The poorest of us – By Mosa Telford

By December 4, 2021

There are those of us who will never dance for our supper at the cost of our dignity.

We will not allow ourselves to be controlled like marionettes by puppeteers who wish to destroy us. We know who we are and are proud of our heritage. We know that the bones and biscuits handed out by those who keep the meat and wheat to make bread for themselves is not worth us selling our souls.

The psychological warfare to dehumanize us and the attempts to erase our history and destroy our present and future does not divert our path of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and the freedom to be honest.            Continue reading

Opinion…Race and politics: Guyana’s two disastrous hurricanes

Opinion…Race and politics: Guyana’s two disastrous hurricanes

For decades now, once there was a destructive hurricane heading for the Caricom islands, a satirical wind would blow all over Guyana, whether in the rum shop, municipal market, at home at the lunch table or anyway where Guyanese are gathered. And it would go like this; “We don’t get natural disasters, only man-made ones.”

That would be followed up with the words: “Those people will recover, but our man-made hurricane won’t go away.”     Continue reading

Guyana Elections: Jagdeo, opposition coalition tussle over race comments

Jagdeo, opposition coalition tussle over race comments

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 – Written by   – Demerara Waves

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

Even as the opposition coalition condemned the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) for exploiting racial divisions earlier this week, former President Bharrat Jagdeo denied that was his motive and instead said it was his part of his anti-racism crusade.

“I take offence at someone saying let us throw these people out, let’s throw these coolie people out so when I want to fight that (you say) it’s evidence of some divisiveness” he told a news conference.   Continue reading

Divide & Rule: Racism in Guyana – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Another informative blog entry from Guyana-born Rosaliene Bacchus. keep up the good work Rosaliene!

Three Worlds One Vision

High Court with Statue of Queen Victoria - Georgetown - GuyanaThe High Court with Statue of Queen Victoria – Georgetown – Guyana

Rude citizen! think you I do not know
that love is stammered, hate is shouted out
in every human city in this world?
Men murder men, as men must murder men,
to build their shining governments of the damned.
From the poem “After One Year” by Martin Carter (1927-1997)


I entered this world during a period of upheaval: the decline of the British Empire and the rise of the United States as a world power. As the British and American governments jostled to protect their interests, they fractured my small world. The British sought to secure their economic gains. The Americans feared having another communist nation in their backyard.

The British exploited the weakness within our first political party that had united the two major ethnic groups, totaling 81.6 percent of the population: East Indians (50.8 percent)…

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Day 3- Jagdeo vs Kisssoon Libel Case… Jagdeo’s “Forget the Past” comments tested

Day 3- Jagdeo vs Kisssoon Libel Case…

Jagdeo’s “Forget the Past” comments to Afro and Indo-Guyanese tested in High Court

1. Different speech to racial groups
2.  Access to TV  
3. Judicial Appointments
4. Critchlow Labour college.
5. UN Report on Minority  Rights.


By Dennis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves

Monday, August 29, 2011

President Bharrat Jagdeo‟s remarks to two different audiences- one predominantly of African Guyanese and the other of Indo-Guyanese- were tested in a High Court libel case he filed against a newspaper columnist and its publisher.

Jagdeo filed the case against newspaper columnist and academic, Freddie Kissoon, Kaieteur News Editor Adam Harris and the newspaper‟s publisher, Glen Lall, claiming more than GUY$10 million in damages. Jagdeo believes that he was libeled in a Kissoon article titled , “King Kong sent his goons to disrupt the Conference‟, which refers to the Guyanese leader as an ideological racist.  Continue reading

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