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Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim: Love Knows no Barriers!- By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim: Love Knows no Barriers!

– By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim- 1897

He was 24, she was 68 and it was love at first sight! There was another crucial difference: she was the Queen of England and he was her loyal servant. He waited on her, taught her Urdu and Hindi and she saw much of the world through his eyes. Their affair lasted ten years and on her death vigorous attempts were made to expunge the records and to confine him to the dustbin of history.

The story of Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim is one of love against all the odds. The genesis of this relationship began with the death of Prince Albert, the devoted husband of Queen Victoria. His passing in 1861 left a void. Queen Victoria sought male company in John Brown but when he too passed she was extremely lonely.

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