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Guyana: Ramjattan, Teixeira weigh in on motivation of spate of fires at govt buildings

APNU-AFC versus PPP/C regarding motivation for fires at govt buildings

GECOM Wismar office on fire

Ramjattan told News Talk Radio/Demerara Waves earlier Tuesday that “out of an abundance of caution, I am awaiting reports from the Fire Chief (Marlon Gentle) and Police Commissioner (Leslie James) before making any comment on those incidents.”          Continue reading

Guyana Police –Guilty by  Omission: Of Failure to put Motorcycle Crime in Remission

By Yvonne Sam

Let the criminals know they may commit the crime and ride but will serve the time and cannot hide.

I am penning these few lines hoping that at the conclusion some degree of clarity will enshroud my enigmatic cranium. Once again (or as always) crime in Guyana is seemingly spiraling out of control.  While this in itself is of grave concern, even more serious is the mode of transportation being used by the perpetrators, along with an accompanying and increasing ability to elude capture.

At a press conference recently, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, in reference to the country’s current crime rate, spoke thus, “the impression that Guyana is in a “really bad state” as compared to other countries with regard to the country’s crime rate is “not true”., “sometimes this thing is emblazoned across the front pages of newspapers giving the impression as though we are in a real bad state, [but it’s] not really true”.            Continue reading

Guyana Police: It’s now the ‘Guyana Police Service’

It’s now the ‘Guyana Police Service’ – Reform Change Board starts work

The Police Reform Change Board

Guyana, US ready to overhaul Extradition Treaty

Guyana, US ready to overhaul Extradition Treaty

ExtraditionThursday, 04 June 2015 –  Demerara Waves – by Denis Chabrol and Zena Henry

Guyana is eager to replace an 84-year old Extradition Treaty with the United States (US) and slash the powers of the national security minister in determining whether Guyanese should be sent to that North American country to face trial for a range of crimes.

“We should have a brand new one now with the Americans,” Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan told Demerara Waves Online News in an exclusive interview on Thursday, June 4. “Indeed we would have to do some amendment to both the Fugitive Offenders Amendment Act and also to have a treaty with America,” he added.  Continue reading