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Guyana: The early Guyanese tadjah festival + related articles

01The now dormant tadjah festival of Guyana had its origins in the Islamic religion of the Indian Shia Muslims who arrived as indentured workers in British Guiana almost two centuries ago which later came to include non-Muslims.

Ironically, it was this national inclusion,to the disapproval of colonial authorities, which would lead to the festival becoming extinct on the local religious calendar today.

The history of the tadjah

The Guyanese tadjah was a procession of mourners marking the anniversary of the assassination of Hussain, who was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed.

The first month of the Islamic New Year, Muharram, is one of the four sacred months in Islam. The tenth day of Muharram is the day of Ashura, which is considered to be a very important day in the Islamic calendar.   Continue reading