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Guyana: Patience needed regarding Corruption in previous Government – By Dr. David Hinds

Guyana: Patience needed on the issue of Corruption in previous Government

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

By Dr. David Hinds

Many supporters of Guyana’s governing coalition have been calling on the government to move more quickly against alleged instances of corruption in the previous government. Some are also dismayed that many operatives of the PPP still hold top positions in the government. This is understandable. The instances of corruption, which have thus far been made public by the government has confirmed in the minds of many that there is more in the mortar.

The logic of party politics invariably takes us to this place. The coalition made rooting out and prosecuting corruption a centerpiece of its campaign platform.  Many of their supporters have individually and collectively felt the wrath of the PPP when in government. When one combines the two, the government has to appear to be aggressively going after those suspected of corruption.  Continue reading