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Politics: October 5, 1992 destroyed Guyana; can it be reborn? – by Freddie Kissoon 

October 5, 1992 destroyed Guyana; can it be reborn?

 Oct 10, 2017 –  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon 

I don’t write about October 5, 1992 anymore. It has gone from my lexicon of historical milestones. Factually, it is a milestone. Philosophically it symbolizes everything that is ontologically defective about Guyana’s existence.

The closest analogy of October 5 in terms of degeneracy is the French Revolution. The rebellion of the oppressed in France led to a revolution that degenerated into psychotic excesses. The French Revolution led to dictatorship.     Continue reading

How the PPP lost the west for the second time – By Ralph Ramkarran

Written by Ralph Ramkarran

It was President George H. W. Bush’s February 1990 Republic Day message to President Desmond Hoyte, expressing the hope that the upcoming elections will be free and fair, that signaled the end of the West’s four decade hostility to the PPP, starting in 1953. Dr. Jagan had written to the US President in December 1989 seeking US support for free and fair elections in Guyana.

Earlier in 1989 Dr. Jagan wrote to President Gorbachev, President of the USSR, also seeking his support. Dr. Jagan had reminded President Gorbachev of the latter’s earlier support of President Bush’s demand for free and fair elections in Nicaragua, which was a friend of the USSR.  Continue reading

Breathing new life into Local Government – Commentary

Breathing new life into Local Government

July 2, 2015 | By | Filed Under Editorial

Minister Ronald Bulkan has said that Local Government Elections could be held this year. However, the final word rests with the Guyana Elections Commission. And if the People’s Progressive Party maintains its position on the Elections Commission then that party will not be contesting those elections.

Local Government Elections were last held in 1994, two years after the General Elections that brought the People’s Progressive Party to power. It saw many areas electing their leaders because the People’s National Congress declined to contest the elections as a party.  The former President Desmond Hoyte had made a pitch to the government that the Local Government Elections should be truly local.  Continue reading

CARICOM is dead. PJ Patterson should read the eulogy

CARICOM is dead. PJ Patterson should read the eulogy


You don’t want to be reminded each day that CARICOM is a failure. But this is what happens to me. My windows overlook the CARICOM Secretariat. It is the first thing I see every morning when I rise from my bed. It reminds me of VS Naipaul and his dismissal of the Caribbean.

CARICOM is a failure. It is dormant. Maybe it is dead. It is a caricature of what an integration movement should be. I become irascible when my friends tell me about the White man and the nonsense about White countries exploiting the Third World. The White man in his White man country treats his White citizens better than Third World leaders treat their non-White citizens.
Foolish Third World leaders (including my own country) jail African youths for possession of a marijuana cigarette and even the possession of a smoking utensil.   Continue reading

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