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Permeable dams prevent coastal erosion and save mangroves in Suriname

Permeable dams prevent land loss and save mangroves in Suriname


Suriname is aiming to reverse coastal erosion of mangroves countering destructive erosion along the country’s coastline with these permeable dams breaking the waves and trapping sediment and reclaiming land. (Photo: Sieuwnath Naipal)

PARIS, France, Thursday December 10, 2015, IPS – Suriname’s coastline is eroding so quickly scientists predict the country’s maze of mangroves could disappear in just 30 years unless there is urgent action on climate changeContinue reading

Suriname president poised win general election according to polls

Suriname president poised win general election according to polls


President Desi Bouterse campaigning in 2010

By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — Suriname will elect a new president and a 51-member national assembly on Monday when the country goes to the polls. Twenty-five political parties are registered to contest the election. Incumbent President Desi Bouterse is leading the poll and could easily capture a plurality of the seats in the assembly, which could put him in office for another five years, according several pollsters, Stichting Enquête Statistiek en Onderzoek Suriname (SESOS) and De Hond.

The president is indirectly elected by the 51-member National Assembly of Suriname.

Bouterse’s National Democratic Party (NDP) is poised to win Monday’s election. The NDP is the only multi-ethnic party in the country and Bouterse has been able to capitalize on this diversity.    Continue reading

Guyana-Suriname territorial dispute flares up

 Guyana-Suriname territorial dispute flares up

Published on December 18, 2013 –caribbeannewsnow.comsuriname_tigri.jpg

CIA map of Suriname, with the Tigri/New River Triangle area bottom left shaded light green

By Ray Chickrie
Caribbean News Now contributor

PARAMARIBO, Suriname — There has been no official word yet from the Suriname government in response to the revelation that Guyana has granted permission for a geological and geographical survey (PGGS) that includes a clause guaranteeing a Brazilian company, Muri Ventures, up to 18 prospecting licences to survey more than two million hectares of land for rare earth elements in a disputed area claimed by both Guyana and Suriname.  Continue reading

Carifesta kicks off with dazzling show in Suriname


Carifesta kicks off with dazzling show in Suriname

The 11th festival of arts and culture includes performances by internationally renowned Caribbean artistes as well as guest entertainers from around the world.

Wednesday August 21, 2013 – CMC – With a dazzling display of colours and laser projections of the participating country’s flags on the Presidential Palace as backdrop, Suriname staged a spectacular opening of the 11th Caribbean Festival of Arts and Culture (Carifesta XI) on Friday evening , August 16, 2013.

The Independence Square in the capital of Paramaribo was transformed into an outdoor theatre seating around 7,000 spectators, while several thousand others watched the opening ceremony on widescreens which were erected at several locations in the capital.    Continue reading

Caribbean’s first gold refinery expected to earn billions for Suriname

Caribbean’s first gold refinery expected to earn billions for Suriname

Gold bars

Gold bars

Suriname produces an average of 40 tons of gold a year, but until now it has had no large scale refining capacity.

Suriname, Monday March 18, 2013 – The Government of Suriname has embarked on a joint venture with the Kaloti Group of Dubai to establish the first gold refinery in the Caribbean.

The refinery that is being built near the village of Wit Santi, close to the country’s International Airport, is expected to start operating by next year and produce as much as US$2.77 billion worth of refined gold.

On March 16,  President Desi Bouterse joined Kaloti Chairman Munir Kaloti in expressing high expectations of the facility.  The US$20 million plant should make Suriname into a “centre of excellence for the region’s gold and precious metals industry,” a joint release said.   Continue reading