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Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 09 May 2015

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 09 May 2015

  • All systems in place for free and fair elections – GECOM
  • Ramotar meets with Carter, Private Sector ahead of polls
  • PPP/C faces tough crowd at Stabroek Market
  • Information Liaison McCoy in rowdy behaviour at coalition headquarters
  • Crum-Ewing’s mother reflects on son’s voting call

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All systems in place for free and fair elections – GECOM

Posted: 09 May 2015 02:08 PM PDT  Continue reading

Prospects good for APNU/ AFC alliance negotiations- Granger

Prospects good for APNU/ AFC alliance negotiations – Granger

When approached on Friday for a comment on the negotiations between AFC and his party, Granger said the prospects are “good.”

“The general secretaries have met, Mr. Joseph Harmon and Mr. (David) Patterson, and we will be discussing a draft agreement at our Shadow Cabinet meeting next Tuesday (January 13),” Granger said. Continue reading

Guyana: A weary society demanding positive change

A weary society demanding positive change

December 31, 2014 | By | Filed Under Editorial

The society has been saying for many years that it has had enough with the fiercely divisive nature of politics in Guyana. Each party seems willing to score political points at the expense of the wider society; each panders to its followers to the exclusion of others in the society.

This has been the case for as long as one cares to remember and until now, nobody has seen it fit to do anything about it. Instead, people became apathetic in public but angry within the confines of the homes at what passed for government.

In recent times, people became increasingly worried about victimization and so they would say things, in public, that they suspected one party or the other wanted to hear. It had reached the stage where people with genuine problems would rather seek out the help of reporters to air their grievances, but were quick to beg that their identity be protected. Continue reading

Guyana Politics: APNU should throw the ball back in the AFC’s court


December 14, 2014 | By KNews | Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom

Last Friday, I examined the counter-proposal made by the AFC to lead a pro-democracy coalition to contest next year’s general elections. I described this proposal as a case of the AFC demanding “leadership or nothing” of any coalition to oppose the PPPC.

This is not the first time that the AFC has issued such an ultimatum to APNU, the opposition partnership with the most seats in the National Assembly. At the commencement of the 10th parliament, APNU had wanted its candidate to become Speaker. The AFC however said that it wanted the position of Speaker and it was either its candidate or nothing. It made it clear that if it did not get its way it was prepared to support the PPPC’s candidate. In the end, the AFC had its way, even though they had to substitute Moses for Raphael. Continue reading

Politics and the Guyana Middle Class – By Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

The middle class, which supported the PPP in 1950 and was heavily represented in its leadership, began to divide on the basis of the ethno-political developments after 1955. This division and consolidation matured only in the early 1960s.

During this process Burnham saw the importance of the middle class, particularly the African middle class. He courted the United Democratic Party, which was the political expression of the League of Coloured People and eventually merged with it. According to some critics of the PPP, Jagan signaled the need for a similar outreach in his 1954 Congress speech.

If this is so then it is evidence that both leaders saw the importance of capturing the support of the middle class, or rather, that section of the middle class which they expected to be sympathetic. Continue reading

President Ramotar lashes out at the opposition – Nagamootoo responds – 2 videos

President Donald Ramotar lashes out at the opposition at Babu John

President Donald Romator used one of the stronghold areas of the ruling party, to lash out at the opposition for what he described as a plot against his party.

He was speaking at the wreath laying ceremony of that party’s founder leader, Cheddi Jagan, at Babu John, Port Mourant .

AFC executive member Moses Nagamootoo responds to PPP – video     Continue reading

The politics of ‘no’ – commentary

The politics of ‘no’

Stabroek News – June 17, 2012 Editorial |

In an interview with the National Communications Network on Wednesday, President Ramotar let it be known that he would not give his assent to bills passed by the opposition unless the government had had some input into them. The GINA release which conveyed this information also said that the President’s warning had come in response to the prevailing notion of ‘rule-by-motion’ politics in the National Assembly where APNU and the AFC have used their slender majority to defeat the government. “That is not the function of the opposition,” President Ramotar was quoted as saying, “They must respect what is their role… I am making it very clear that I will not assent to any bill that they carry unless it is with the full agreement of the executive and the full involvement of the executive.”

No room for misinterpretation there. Given the government’s record so far during the Tenth Parliament, there is clearly little inclination to work with the opposition on legislation – or at least, to give any ground in that department. As it is, the opposition has been resorting to motions in the National Assembly, but this could hardly be described as “rule-by-motion,” since without it being translated into legislation, it has no statutory force whatsoever. The only thing it does is highlight issues in a parliamentary setting, and embarrass the government.  Continue reading

Six wasted months – commentary

Six wasted months – commentary

Stabroek News – June 4, 2012  Editorial |  Comments

A full six months after the general elections of November 28, 2011 the people who voted – no matter which party – must be hard pressed to find anything positive flowing from the casting of their vote. Those who didn’t bother to exercise their franchise must be even more comforted in their decision.

Perhaps the reality genre could inspire a popular show here on the biggest winners and losers from November 28 and plot their progress on a weekly basis.  It would likely be a tale of bluster, rhetoric and failure with very little hope for comprehensive change.

Yet, the results of November 28 have gifted the Guyanese people with an opportunity to radically transform the way the country is run and which transformation could potentially bring much improvement to the lives of thousands of the disadvantaged and poverty-stricken.    Continue reading

Back to where we were before the polls – letter to Editor

Four months after the election we are back to where we were before the polls – letter to Editor

April 1, 2012 |by KNEWS | LETTERS

Dear Editor,
For any society to advance it has to settle a fundamental question—Who Governs? Such a settlement is even more urgent in countries, such as Guyana, which are deeply polarized along ethno-racial and political lines. From the time of the split of the nationalist movement in 1955, this question has haunted Guyana.

The failure to adequately address and settle it has invariably let to frequent bouts of ethnic conflict. Yet successive generations of political leaders have either ignored the question or sought to answer it within a political and constitutional framework that is premised on majoritarianism, domination and inequality.

This reluctance on the part of the political parties and Civil Society organizations to commit to a political solution that settles the question of who governs is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Guyanese politics. Guyana’s political history these past five decades is littered with opportunities for a political settlement of the question of governance. However, despite periodic and sometimes opportunistic declarations, these parties and groups eventually find ways to accommodate to the status quo, which they all decry, especially when they are in the opposition or at election time.   Continue reading

AFC Statements: Pres. Ramotar on Elections Rigging and Government Corruption

AFC Statements:  Pres. Ramotar on Elections Rigging and Government Corruption

1/2 – President Ramotar is totally out of line 

The AFC has noted with total disgust the recent comments by President Donald Ramotar accusing the AFC and APNU of rigging the 2011 Elections and campaigning along racial lines. This is totally unbecoming of the President and is designed to destabilise the political dispensation that the electorate voted for. It is a slap in the face for all those who took the time to go out and vote on Polling Day 2011.

The electorate and all the people of Guyana know that the entire elections process was controlled by the government. The PPP/C had the greatest number of polling agents and other staff out on polling day, how could the AFC rig the elections?

The AFC considers it totally ridiculous that President Ramotar would point to racial campaigning during the elections. The electorate knows full well, those, who over the years have campaigned on the race card.

It is clear that President Ramotar does not intend to honour the will of the people as demonstrated by their votes at the last elections. The PPP/C excesses of the past and rampant abuse of power make it difficult for them to relax their stranglehold on power. They clearly fear the effectiveness of this new political dispensation and see themselves being forced to answer to the people and confirm with the Constitution of Guyana. This is alien to the PPP/C.

The AFC calls on President Ramotar to apologise to the electorate and fully retract his statement.

2/2 AFC intends to take a firm position to stamp out government corruption. Continue reading