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The Teacher’s Union Strike in Guyana – Commentary by Lincoln Lewis

Those condemning teachers’ action today would have supported it under a PPP/C Govt.

The teachers are today pursuing a cause they consider just and fair by asking the Government to sit down and negotiate with their union, the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU), for a new package that includes increased salary and better working conditions.  It is known employers generally will not acquiescence to workers’ demands unless workers are prepared to struggle for it. The case of the teachers is no different.

In 1999, the public-school teachers and public servants took to the streets in a long strike demanding increased salary and better working conditions from the PPP/C Government. That strike resulted in the establishment of two arbitration panels. One that addressed the concerns of the public servants was headed by Dr. Aubrey Armstrong and the other addressed the teachers’ concerns, and was headed by Father Malcolm Rodrigues, who at the time was a lecturer at the University of Guyana.     Continue reading

Guyana Govt. retrieves almost $10B from disused bank accounts

Govt. retrieves almost $10B from disused bank accounts

June 11, 2015 | By | Filed Under News
Finance Minister, Winston Jordan Photo: Finance Minister, Winston Jordan

The new Government has managed to retrieve almost $10B lying in “old” bank accounts, a senior Government official confirmed yesterday.
In the past weeks, the Ministry of Finance and its departments have been conducting exercises to determine the state of the country’s finances.

It is unclear why the previous People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government kept that amount of money lying around in virtually unused accounts.  Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2015: The clamour for change

Guyana Elections 2015: The clamour for change

May 1, 2015 · By Stabroek News –  EDITORIAL

ballot box

Guyana Elections 2015

If one were to try to predict the electoral outcome on May 11, simply by surveying the social media and online blogs, one might be forgiven for believing that Guyanese are ready for change and that the APNU+AFC coalition is heading for victory. The online battle is, however, but one aspect of the election and, whilst important, not necessarily a true and reliable indicator of how the majority of Guyanese will vote. In other words, reports or predictions of the demise of the PPP/C government are premature, if not greatly exaggerated.

Recent developments would, nevertheless, suggest that the PPP hierarchy perceives the threat to its almost 23-year old hegemony as very real indeed. Dr Bheri Ramsaran’s repulsive abuse of activist Sherlina Nageer, for example, bore all the hallmarks of the snarls of a cornered cur. At least, Freedom House seemed to have recognised very early that their comrade had overstepped the bounds of basic decency, even if it took President Donald Ramotar too long to act in firing him. But then, the PPP’s default position, ever since 1992, when faced with criticism, has been either to bury its collective head in the sand or to circle the wagons, if you will forgive the confusion of metaphors.  Continue reading

Guyana Elections: Inflammatory language in state media by PPP/C – GECOM

Guyana Elections: Inflammatory language

It is all the more disconcerting therefore that in recent years, the PPP/C government has mercilessly commandeered the newspaper to campaign for it. This has extended to placing of particularly divisive editorials which appear intended to stir up racial, political and other cleavages in the interest of the electoral fortunes of ruling party. In this charged electoral season, the Chronicle has continued the placement of inflammatory content in its columns undoubtedly under the draconian control of the government.  Continue reading

Combined opposition restates support for no-confidence motion

Combined opposition restates support for no-confidence motion

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 –  Written by Demerara Waves

ballot boxIn the wake of efforts by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to drive a wedge between the two opposition parties over which elections they each prefer, the combined opposition on Wednesday re-affirmed their unwavering commitment to passing the vote of no confidence against the government at the earliest sitting of the National Assembly.

“The parties, which hold a majority of seats in the National Assembly since the 2011 elections, emphasized that the holding of local government elections or the setting of a date for such elections, would not deflect from or affect passage of the vote of no confidence,” said the Alliance For Change (AFC) in a statement.  Continue reading

Documents – commentary on Guyana’s politics

Documents – commentary

 Stabroek staff On December 16, 2012 In Editorial | 

SUMMARY:  Having said that, it must also be observed that whatever the incompetence of the opposition, it is the government alone which has the power to choose a path of dialogue and compromise on key issues, since it is the one in office. At the bottom of all of this is the governing party’s state of denial; its attempts to proceed as it has always done without reference to its minority status; its obsession with the retention of power; and its fear that if it does choose compromise and this works, its constituency will find this an acceptable arrangement and vote accordingly. Psychologically, in other words, it is not looking for solutions. It is just the nation’s tragedy that it is not prepared to take on board what Secretary-General Insulza advised four months ago.

EDITORIAL           Continue reading

Political bashing clouds 2012 Festival of Lights greetings

Political bashing clouds 2012 Festival of Lights greetings 

Written by Demerara Waves  – Tuesday, 13 November 2012 01:38
diwal52010Thin and thick political clouds overshadowed 2012 Festival of Lightsgreetings, with the governing party and the opposition seizing the opportunity to hurl fireworks at each other over Guyana’s state.Their shots at each other come in the wake of lingering concerns about unrests in opposition strongholds of over a now aborted hike in electricity rates and extra-judicial killings of three Lindeners and two youths in the city.On the other hand, government continues to be enraged by the opposition using its 33-32 House majority to cut the 2012 National Budget and more recently seeking to oust Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee from office and the Assembly over alleged mismanagement of the security sector under his watch.   [READ MORE]

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Political leaders, activists call for reform of Chronicle

Political leaders, activists call for reform of Chronicle


Political leaders and civil society activists are calling for a reform of the state-owned Guyana Chronicle and the state media in general.

They say that the Guyana Chronicle is being used by the ruling party to peddle fabrications and misinformation, and to make personal attacks against those who share a different view of the government.

For Gerhard Ramsaroop of the Alliance for Change (AFC), the Guyana Chronicle crossed the line in its July 2, 2012 editorial claiming that “Black youths are socialised by opposition leaders to think that Indians robbed them to get rich, so they automatically feel that they have to wrest by force, even murder, anything Indians have.”                Continue reading

NCN, GINA subsidies gutted from the budget

NCN, GINA subsidies gutted from the budget

April 25, 2012 –    The combined opposition AFC and APNU on Wednesday voted to cut the GUY$211M in subsidies to the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) and the Government Information Agency (GINA) saying that they have failed to live up to their national onligations as public entities. (Note: US$1= GUY$200)

The cuts reduced NCN’s GUY$81.2M and GINA’s GUY$130.4M subventions under the Office of the President heading to $1 each when consideration of the 2012 national budget in the National Assembly.   Continue reading

Gov’t will not be held ransom – Ramotar tells Nat’l Assembly

Gov’t will not be held ransom – Ramotar tells Nat’l Assembly

February 10, 2010 – Demerara Waves

President Donald Ramotar has said that his minority PPP/C government will not be held ransom by the opposition in the new political dispensation which sees the AFC and APNU holding a one-seat majority in the 65-seat National Assembly.

In his inaugural address to the House President Ramotar said the new construct emerging from the November 28 elections provides an historic opportunity for Guyana.

In a speech lasting some 37 minutes the president said his administration would be loath to accept gridlocks which could stymie Guyana’s development.

“I am satisfied that we are capable of demonstrating to the Guyanese nation that while political competition and diversity are essential in a democracy they should not foreclose on the possibilities for compromise and consensus in the way we do business.   Read more

Read: Full text of President Donald Ramotar’s speech

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