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Constitutional Reform + Opposition Unity- by Ralph Ramkarran

Here are two commentaries by Ralph Ramkarran:


    Saturday, 20th December 2014  7:00 pm

A constitution defines the basic laws, structures for governance and rights and responsibilities under which a society is organized. A constitution needs to be changed when some or all of its rules no longer reflect the popular will or when they have been overtaken after the effluxion of time. Suggestions for reform of the constitution, therefore, reflect a view that it is in need of restructuring.

The recent proposals of the AFC announced by its Chair, Mr. Nigel Hughes, at the party’s recent conference suggests that the structure of our executive and legislature, and the relationship between them, need to be altered. These proposals add to those already in circulation, offered by other persons. There is also substantial writing and academic material on record on situations like Guyana’s. This debate will gather steam and climb to the top of the agenda only when the political conditions mature.

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OPPOSITION UNITY – By Ralph Ramkarran  Continue reading

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