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With Sex robots —Which sex would soon become obsolete? – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Sex robots define what sex means to us humans, silicone and all  —

A recent article in Pride magazine brought readers up to date or face to face with the evidence that sex as we know it would soon be out of place. No pun intended. With the passage of time, a growing number of people will find sex and partnership entirely from either artificial agents or in virtual environments.

In so doing, the emergence of a new  sexual identity  termed digisexuality will come into view, where through the utilization of immersive technologies, the individual or digisexual no longer sees the necessity to look for physical closeness with human partners.  

RealDolls and other sex robots can be customised

In 2007, David Levy prognosticated in his book—Love and Sex with Robots—The Evolution of the human-robot relationships that by 2050 people would be doing the no-pants dance with robots.  In 2016 at an international congress on the same topic held at Goldsmiths University in London, other academics were in agreement with Levy that not only would the trend develop but also rapidly https://www.gold.ac.uk/news/love-and-sex-with-robots-2016/  

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