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Fund Raising for Ramdeholl Memorial Church – New Amsterdam. Guyana

Ramdeholl Memorial Church

Fund Raising for Ramdeholl Memorial Church – New Amsterdam. Guyana

Request from Philip Ramdeholl

Hello Folks:

I have started a campaign to raise funds to restore Ramdeholl Memorial Church in New Amsterdam, Guyana. Please see attached  a two-page pdf. brochure outlining a brief history of the Church and its current condition.  Printed copies of the brochure are also available.

 My goal is to raise $20,000.00 within the next couple of months to pay for the required repairs and have all work completed by the end of October of 2014. We hope to have a Rededication Service on December 28, 2014.

Funds raised will be put towards repair of the exterior wood façade which is 73 years old and in need of new boards and repainting. The interior of the Church is in need of repainting, pews and floor require refinishing. Currently the Church does not have a washroom so we would like to to construct one in the Vestry area.   Continue reading