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BOOK: GUYANA: Scaling New Heights: 2022 Pakaraima Writers Anthology

Scaling New Heights: 2022 Pakaraima Writers Anthology

Hardcover – April 20 2022 – by Ken Puddicombe  (Author)

In this, their first collection, Pakaraima Writers have produced a vast array of poems and short pieces, by poets, short story writers and novelists, some already published in prior journals, some relatively new, all engaging enough to hold the reader spellbound.

There are pieces that remind us of our Guyanese Heritage from poets in poems like Trails of Treasures by Janet NaiduGuyana’s Seawall by James Richmond, The Petal Shivers by Ian McDonald, and the folksy Faaty-Leven by Petamber Persaud, Hard Ears Pickney by Shabeena Ramjohn, along with Granny Gone by Ray Williams and I Am Who I Am by Ken Puddicombe.          Continue reading

GUYANA: WORLD POETRY DAY RECITAL: Moray House Trust — 21st March 2022


You are warmly invited to our second annual World Poetry Day Recital (see programme below). The recital features poems from Barbados, Guyana, St Lucia, the UK and the USA. It lasts half an hour and will air on YouTube at the times stated. Poets include Kamau Braithwaite, Stephanie Bowry, Esther Cowie, Peter Jailall, John Robert Lee, Estelle Phillips, Derek Walcott and Jacqueline de Weever. Readers include Lloyd Marshall and Celia Sorhaindo.

Event:         Poetry Recital
Date:           Monday 21st March 2022
Time:          5 PM Guyana / NY/ Toronto, 9PM GMT
YouTube:   https://youtu.be/JXAHE-Qhyn0

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GUYANA: ARTS: Guyanese Love Poems – Poetry Recital: February 13, 2022- YouTube

Guyanese Love Poems 2022.jpg

Presented by Moray House Trust

You are warmly invited to join us for the second annual performance of Guyanese Love Poems, a light-hearted recital of poems on the theme of love composed and read by Guyanese. The recital features both poems plucked from forgotten anthologies and freshly minted verse. It lasts half an hour (see programme below) and will air on YouTube at the stated times. Poets include Stephanie Bowry, Stanley Greaves, Peter Jailall and Shana Yardan. Readers include Jasper Adams, Vanda Radzik, Lloyd Marshall and Joan Seymour.   (See Details Below) Continue reading

Guyana: Kyk: Poems 1945-1961 ‘Moulding a Guianese consciousness’ – Saturday16th October 2021

VIRTUAL: ZOOM and FACEBOOK –  5.00 PM Guyana/NY, 10.00 PM UK

Title:        Kyk: Poems 1945-1961 ‘Moulding a Guianese consciousness’
Readers: Konyo Addo, Russel Lancaster,  Peter Jailall, Al Creighton and many others.
Date:       Saturday16th October 2021
Time:      5.00 PM Guyana/NY, 10.00 PM UK

Please do join us on Zoom if you can..
   Moray House Trust is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: KYK: Poems 1945-1961 Moulding a Guianese Consciousness
Time: Oct 16, 2021 05:00 PM Guyana
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 873 9497 5180
Passcode: 418509

Pakaraima Writers Association hosted their 15th Annual Literary Ceremony- Outdoors!

books by Guyanese

From: Habeeb Alli, Toronto – Oct 4th 2020 – bookhabeeb@gmail.com 

The onset of Covid has caused great inconvenience to many annual events. This year’s Pakaraima literary celebration was no exception. It was initially planned in a restaurant in Pickering, Ontario, but soon had to be hosted in a beautiful retreat-like backyard in Richmond Hill Ontario.  This was all made possible through the generous support of Cliff and Bhano Rajkumar who stepped in at this time of need.

The founder of Pakaraima Writers, Janet Naidu, had this vision to create a space for Guyanese and Caribbean writers and artists fifteen years ago, to showcase their works as well as provide necessary guidance to get published.        Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine – July 2015

GCA-July2015GCA New York On-Line Magazine – July 2015     [DOWNLOAD]


Summer arrived at our doorstep with characteristic warmth and expectancy, and happiness abounds. With some trepidation, we also acknowledge that half of the year is gone. But we have no time to despair. As we look around, we see faces that glow in the sunshine; children running through sprinklers to cool down from the heat, families gathering on beaches and fun parks; our very own Summer Workshop in full swing with the formation of new bonds of friendship as our children spend time together.

Yes, this is our pleasure – this wonderful summer break before we confront the next season, or it confronts us! With the cooperating weather and the deluge of activities choked into a mere few months, GCA throws its doors wide open to showcase another season of activity that builds on the longevity of our purpose and supports our theme, We Bridgin’. And the excitement has already begun.  Continue reading

For the Price of One! Corsbie, Jailall, Farrier – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

For the Price of One! Corsbie, Jailall, Farrier – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine


Some members of the ‘3 Ah We’ program in Brooklyn, New York.

‘The Seawall in Guyana is extremely important,’ says Ken Corsbie, ‘ because a quarter of the population was conceived there!’ Ken Corsbie was in his element. The Sunday afternoon crowd in Brooklyn was prepared to be entertained and Corsbie was working his magic.

There was this one about the School Inspector in Arima, Trinidad.  As he entered the class the teacher asked the students, ‘ who knocked down the walls of Jericho?’ Now this was no ordinary question. One student said it wasn’t him, why would he knock down the walls of Jericho? The Inspector and Principal couldn’t agree on how to discipline the student. When the Inspector kept insisting that the student must know who broke down the wall of Jericho the Principal decided to step in and save the day. He said, ‘ Okay, tell me how much the wall cost and I will pay for it!’   Continue reading

CUSO International & Guyana – Peter Jailall & Ken Corsbie – June 20, 2013


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Ken’s Choice #47 – Band of Brothers

Ken’s Choice #47 – Band of Brothers

—by Ken Corsbie – September 1, 2010.

“Our Lifetime Achievement 2010 award goes to Joseph “Reds” Perreira….. He has shown lifelong cultural attributes that Guyanese admire, honor and preserve”  –  The GUYANA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION, NY.

There are people you meet along the way that become lifelong friends. Each one nudged you along unexpected paths, and who remain joyfully influential and supportive throughout the journey.

At the risk of others feeling “left out”, I choose to name just five who I can unreservedly call “Brothers” – all of them beginning this remarkable journey with me forty or more years ago.

This thought was brought home over the past few weeks of e-mail and Skype contact with them for the same but different reasons.

– the Lifetime ….  It culminated with the above notice Achievement 2010 Award to the one of the most public and iconic sports activists of the Caribbean. A man who started upriver, but somehow steered through many whitewater rapids, “the tangled opinions of life” (Walcott), to reach the wide wide sea and experience some of the wonders of the world.  My Brother Nr.1 of the day……His adventurous and inspirational story is revealed for the first time in the pages of his recently published “LIVING MY DREAMS”.

Read full article here…. KEN’S CHOICE – BAND OF BROTHERS

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