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Guyana: Archives: Dec. 07, 1961: Christmas Recipes in British Guiana

Republished in the Guyana Graphic –
Guyana Graphic - December 7, 1961.
Guyana Graphic – December 7, 1961.

This is a copy of the article in the Guyana Graphic Newspaper in British Guiana dated December 7, 1961 about Guianese Foods at Christmas.

DECEMBER 07, 1961 (Georgetown) – TO the true Guianese, Christmas is never complete unless the fare includes:        Continue reading

A Guyanese Christmas in Washington. DC- by Francis Quamina Farrier

A Guyanese Christmas in Washington. DC

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

​The traditional annual Christmas Get-together of Guyanese at the Guyana Embassy in Washington DC, brought together Guyanese of every background, as they mingled together the way Guyanese do at most fetes. Some of those who were in attendance have not been home for many years, while there are those who visit regularly. As such, there were lots of discourses about the developments taking place across the ten Regions of Beautiful Guyana, including the recent announced discovery of Oil and Gas within Guyana’s Atlantic Sovereign territory.    Continue reading

Airport rush at CJIA – Timehri

Airport rush at CJIA – Timehri

December 17, 2011 | By KNews | <link

As the holiday season draws closer, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at Timehri was a packed place to be yesterday (December 16, 2011),  with five large planes on the ground and no place in the parking lot for visitors and others. Officials of the airport were forced to allow parking on the road leading to the Control Tower, south of the terminal.

On the ground, there were two Caribbean Airline planes, a Redjet, one Delta and new charter, Ezjet which is flying the Guyana/New York route. Continue reading

ONE HAND CAN’T CLAP – by Waltie Ainsworth


By Ewalt “Waltie” Ainsworth                12-12- 2011

It takes two to tango and right now, the Ramotar Presidency is suffering from a slight hangover the morning after the night before.   Over the years, the last two decades, they have become addicted to doing as they like in Parliament, running rough-shod over the Corbin led administration.  There has been a change of the guards and the call has gone out already, for “shared governance”.  Participation in the budget planning is the first step because one hand cannot clean fish, grate coconut, ketch bed bugs and or clap.

Some operatives in the APNU are up in arms against Khemraj Ramjattan for the position of Speaker.  In my estimation, he would make a better Prime Minister and reserve the speaker-ship for a Faith or a Debbie or even a Theresa for that matter.  The position of Speaker is within the grasp of all these women, singularly and collectively and would be an asset to Ramotar as he stumbles, bumbles, grumbles and tumbles head over heels.  It is lonely at the top and the inner man, the inner strength, is restricted and restricting.

A run-off election may be a heartbeat away because incompetence is yeasting hour by hour, day by day.                Continue reading

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