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GUYANA: PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton promises to scrap income tax

Aubrey Norton

“The PNCR wishes to make it clear that as your government-in-waiting, as part of the coalition, we will remove the burden of personal income tax from our people,” he said. Mr. Norton said the scrapping of the income tax was an “enduring obligation” to Guyanese “given the current favourable economic circumstances from oil and gas.”

In the 2022 National Budget, the government increased the income tax threshold to GY$75,000. (app $375US/month).      Continue reading

GUYANA: Independence Day Messages – 55th Anniversary – 26th May 2021

Independence Day Messages


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GUYANA: EMANCIPATION DAY 2020 – Messages from various organizations


On the first of August 1838, descendants of Africans in Guyana regained their freedom after two centuries of enslavement. Every August, therefore, it is fitting that the entire Guyanese nation should participate in the public celebration to commemorate not only the bloody sacrifices of the Africans who struggled, suffered and were slaughtered for the sake of the freedom we all enjoy today but also the birth of the nation itself which was the consequence of Emancipation.

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PPP stages countrywide protests against House-to-House registration

 – Intensifies call for elections by September 18

Scenes from yesterday’s protests Georgetown

Scenes from yesterday’s protests Lethem

The protests were staged in Georgetown, Linden, Lethem, Port Kaituma, Anna Regina, Coldingen, Corriverton, New Amsterdam, La Grange, and Bartica.

Opposition member and former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who was on the frontline of the Georgetown protests.        Continue reading



Today, Kaieteur News joins the nation to celebrate another Arrival Day. Here are messages from other organizations to mark this notable day.


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to extend greetings to all Guyanese, home and abroad, on the occasion of Arrival Day. May 5th, the designated day, is of much significance in commemorating the arrival of our ancestors who came to these shores from various parts of the world.

They braved the dark seas during their grueling journey here, at different points of our history, and laboured to make this land their home. Despite the hardships faced, they were resolute in their endeavours to preserve their cultural traditions and values which have shaped our lives.              Continue reading

Guyana Politics: British perceptions of Guyanese politicians in 1953: Cheddi Jagan– By Winston McGowan

By Winston McGowan – Stabroek News  – October 4, 2002

(Left to Right): Jainarine Singh, Sidney King (Eusi Kwayana), ​Forbes Burnham. Janet Jagan, Cheddi Jagan, Joseph Latchmansingh and Ashton Chase – 1953

British perceptions of Guyanese politicians in 1953: Cheddi Jagan

1953 was one of the most momentous years in the history of British Guiana- now Guyana. It witnessed two striking but contrasting events. Firstly, in April the country had a general election under a new constitution distinguished by universal adult suffrage and the grant of a measure of ministerial responsibility to the winning political history. The election resulted in a convincing victory for the People’s Progressive Party, led by Cheddi Jagan with Forbes Burnham as his chairman. The PPP won 51 per cent of the votes cast and 18 of the 24 seats in the new House of Assembly.      Continue reading

PPP presidential candidate to be named before end of month – Jagdeo

Stabroek News – 03 January 2019

Bharrat Jagdeo

The presidential candidate for the People’s Progressive Party to contest the upcoming general elections will be named before the month ends and not by the end of this week.

Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo told Stabroek News that according to the timeline “around the third week in January” the Central Committee of the party should vote for the candidate.      Continue reading

Ramson most likely interrupted a “carefully orchestrated selection process” for PPP presidential candidate – Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ramkarran, a former long-standing member of the PPP, made his view known in his most recent column.

There, he acknowledged that Ramson recently announced publicly that he would seek the PPP’s nomination to be its presidential candidate for the 2020 general elections. But, Jagdeo chided Ramson and said that he deviated from party principles.            Continue reading

Jagdeo predicts 4 or 5 seat PPP election victory in 2020

Jagdeo predicts 4 or 5 seat PPP election victory

Bharrat Jagdeo at Babu John, Port Mourant 2018

Demerara Waves – March 11, 2018

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo forecasts a 50,000 vote defeat of the governing coalition if more of his People’s Progressive Party supporters are registered and go out to cast their ballots at the next general elections.

Under the proportional representation electoral system, a seat is equivalent to about 5,000 votes. The A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change barely clinched a one-seat majority in the 65-seat National Assembly at the May, 2015 general and regional elections.    Continue reading

The 50th independence anniversary was a show to remember – Adam Harris + 2 videos

The 50th independence anniversary was a show to remember


LOGO - 50th Independence AnniversaryI was in the United States in 1994 when the ice hockey team, the New York Rangers, won the Stanley Cup. It was the first time in 54 years. One spectator threw his head back and proclaimed, “Now I can die happy.” The year was the same when O.J. Simpson led the police on a slow speed chase, because they wanted to arrest him for the murders of Ronald Goldman and Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson.

I felt the same way as that fan when the land of my birth celebrated its 50th independence anniversary. I saw the greatest influx of overseas-based Guyanese. They kept coming with every flight that landed at the Cheddi Jagan and Ogle International Airports.   

I happened to be coming home from Trinidad when some of them were arriving. The welcome was out of this world, something that none of them could have got anywhere else in the world. That set the tone.   Continue reading

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