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OPINION: The Guyana Government is taking a breather

  Mar 17, 2021  Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom – Kaieteur News

The Irfaan Ali administration began its term on turbo charge. The first few months saw things moving at a hectic pace.
All around work was being done and it appeared as if the PPP/C was in a hurry to make-up for the five years that it was out of office.

Some people complained about not receiving water for years. And simply because that also involved over the past five years, the problem was immediately fixed. People complained about the poor condition of roads and they were fixed. We were told that the backlog of house-lot applications had been cleared. If you drove around the country, you would have noticed road works taking place at fast clip. There was a mad rush to get things done.        Continue reading

Guyana needs an enlightened immigration policy – commentary

Guyana needs an enlightened immigration policy

Guyana needs to improve its immigration policies. Persons coming into Guyana do not feel welcome. They are made to feel that the country is doing them a favour by allowing them in. Guyana needs a friendly environment for its visitors.

The faces of our immigration officers are not very friendly. Sometimes they make you have second thoughts about coming to Guyana. But their job is difficult and the pay is poor, and therefore the service tends, generally, to be lousy.   Continue reading

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