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U.S mass killers always live to see another day – By Yvonne Sam

U.S mass killers always live to see another day—Why for Blacks it’s the other way?  

  By Yvonne Sam

The mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio that killed nine people and wounded 26 others is an oddity. Connor Betts, the killer is not an aberration because he shot and killed nine persons less than 24 hours after another assassin Patrick Crusius massacred 20 people in El Paso, Texas.  He is different because he was gunned down by Dayton, Ohio police.  https://nypost.com/2019/08/05/video-shows-moment-cops-kill-connor-betts-during-dayton-massacre/.

A deviation from the normal pattern.  In fact, pictures of the mass killer being handcuffed while being gently spoken to by arresting officers stand in blatant and  blood boiling contrast to the picture of Eric Garner,  an unarmed Black man being body slammed  to the pavement in Staten island by NYPD officers, and eventually being choked to death by officer Daniel Pantaleo.    Continue reading

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