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Linden Tragedy – July 18-19, 2012 – two videos

Linden Tragedy –  Wednesday July 18 – video 1

There’s a heaviness and great sorrow hanging over the Linden community this evening following the tragedy that broke out last evening when the police opened fire on protestors at the Mackenzie Wismar bridge with tear gas, pellets and live rounds. That action by the police left 3 persons dead, all with gunshot wounds according to medical officials who were on duty at the Mackenzie hospital. Over 12 other persons were injured. It was pandemonium at the hospital and through the streets of the town as residents said the action by the police was uncalled for. Continue reading

Police use rubber bullets, tear gas on protesting Lindeners

BREAKING NEWS: Police use rubber bullets, tear gas on protesting Lindeners

 BREAKING NEWS: One reportedly killed in Linden “pandemonium”

At least one person has been reportedly killed in confrontations between members of the Guyana Police Force and Lindeners protesting an increase in electricity tariffs in Region 10.

Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon told Demerara Waves Online News Wednesday evening that there were four reports of persons being killed with one confirmed so far.

He said the individual killed was a man but he was unable to identify him at the time. Neither police nor hospital sources could immediately confirm the claim.

Sharma accused the police of using both live rounds and rubber pellets on the protesters and described the situation in Linden Wednesday evening as “pandemonium.”

“Dozens of persons have been injured,” he declared.         Read complete report link below

One reportedly killed in Linden pandemonium

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Lindeners gear for five day shutdown

Linden shuts down on Day 1 of five day protest

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