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Tenth Pakaraima Mountain Safari promises a great experience

For the adventurous – Tenth Pakaraima Mountain Safari promises a great experience

Georgetown GINA, March 19, 2012

Its success has been heralded far and wide and, as Guyana increasingly becomes known as an attractive adventure tourist destination, more daring visitors are responding to the lure of exploring the country’s beautiful and awe inspiring hinterland; through the Pakaraima Mountain safari that has never failed to instill the spirit of adventure in those who have been bold enough to participate.

For the daring, the opportunity will again be presented when the Tenth Safari kicks off on March 30, from Georgetown, destined for a 529-mile journey through rough, rugged terrain, where nature reigns supreme, where fresh untouched vistas against the backdrop of undulating mountains form beautiful pictures that take their viewers’ breath away.
This safari’s convoy will comprise 25 vehicles. Last year, 19,   4×4 vehicles, three All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), one Land Rover from Jamaica and one motorcycle from Canada were in the convoy.   Continue reading

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