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GUYANA: Under coalition the gas-to-energy project was US$400M but now its US$900M – Patterson

David Patterson

Sep 03, 2021 – Kaieteur News – As the PPP/C Government rushes ahead with plans to bring the controversial gas-to-energy project onboard by 2024, Opposition Member, David Patterson, has aired some reservations about the cost of the initiative to the nation.

In his most recent Facebook post on the matter, Patterson said, “My records indicate that in 2017, Exxon proposed to construct a pipeline for between US$400M – US$500M inclusive of onshore processing and an LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) plant.”

He added, “Without any explanation, justification, or further studies, the cost for the exact same project by the exact same company has risen to US$900M.” Patterson expressed alarm that the project is already suffering from massive cost overruns even before a single piece of work or study is completed for same.        Continue reading

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